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Paul Walker’s Exotic Cars For Sale

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Late Paul Walker

Paul Walker was a gear-head not only in most of his movies but in real world too. His exotic cars collection has been put on sale after his untimely demise but they won’t be available to general public as specialised brokers are conducting the auction


Like many other top Hollywood celebrities, late Paul Walker was also a passionate lover and huge collector of super exotic cars. His collection consists of around 30 cars; all of them are now set for an auction but without publicising Walker’s association with them.

Walker had a shop of exotic cars by the name of “Always Evolving” which is now organising the sale of his entire collection of 30 cars along with his estate, but it has been decided that no one will publicise late actor’s connection with the estate and the cars. The reason behind this is not to give a momentarily boost to the real value of them or not to make any money on the fame of his tragic crash.

Private brokers are already gearing up for this famous collection which includes quite a few BMWs, Audis, Porsches, and some of the Ford Mustang Models.

The Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R is the only car in the line up that was owned by GT-A, a Munich based tuning shop. The German shop has offered the car for 1.0 million Euros and promised that they will donate half the money to ‘Reach Out Worldwide,’ Walker’s charity. It’s been almost three months that the car has been put on sale.

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