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Honda Badly Invaded by Takata Airbags

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More 21 million vehicles to be recalled by Honda global, making the total recalls of 51 million This is for the first time when Honda is facing issues at the mass level, it’s not a recall regarding Honda engines because they manufacture the most reliable engines and vehicles across the globe. It’s all about the vendor, […]

A Recall of Rigged Audi Diesels in Germany

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Audi Preparing Recall

Next Month, Audi is Preparing a Recall of its Models in Germany that are Powered by Volkswagen Group’s Rigged Diesel Engines What is it? There are 580,000 cars powered by EA 189 diesel engines in Germany that fall under Volkswagen Group’s emissions scandal and Audi is planning a recall for all of them. Audi has […]

The Truth Behind the Anti-Diesel Movement?

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volkswagen Anti Diesel Movement

The UK Government and politicians are opposing diesel cars for the general public, but wants to enjoy the low-cost benefits of diesel-engine themselves. The recent VW diesel has sparked severe anger and hate towards diesel. The vehicle-owners who had bought diesel in order to enjoy the benefits of fuel efficiency of diesel-engines are afraid now […]

VW Sharan Diesel – The Fastest Selling Used Car in UK

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Volkswagen Sharan

In September, the VW Sharan with diesel engine claimed the title of UK’s fastest-selling used car During the crucial plate-changing month of September, only in 13 days nationwide, the 2013 Sharan MPV was sold in the UK in record numbers. Other vehicles that made astounding sales in other regions are: 2013 VW Golf diesel in […]

The Most Expensive Act of Stupidity in the History of the Car Industry!

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Cheating the Customers

The top executives of Volkswagen, the mightiest car manufacturer company, call for the emergency meeting to deal with the crisis. The Volkswagen has manipulated emissions test of its diesel car in the US. And cheated the amount of pollutant coming from VW diesel engines. The automotive critics say, the possible legal actions against VW in […]

GM to Face another Setback

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Chevrolet Malibu 2008

The Recall for Power Steering Defected Cars Climb to 1.3 Million It was not long ago when the executives from GM testified to Congress about the recall of 2.6 million cars that caused loss of precious human lives, being said, and leaving as much as 13 people dead. That was not the only bad news […]

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