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Subaru Legacy Shines in Some Important Areas

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Reconditioned Subaru Legacy Engines for Sale

In comparison to its rivals, it falls short on the fun to drive Subaru Legacy is a good car with generous cabin space and an upscale feel. The entry-level model of Subaru is cheap but the engine is not very powerful so most buyers would like to have powerful engine models of the car. Reconditioned Subaru […]

Subaru Impreza WRX has Changed Over the Years

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI

Engine performance never allow you to look at the shortcomings This car was first launched in 1994 and engine power was 247bhp that improved to 271bhp. Body style, steering function and cabin features have been improved to make it more successful in terms of sales. This saloon hatchback is practically very good and performance proves […]

Subaru Boxer Engine Turns 50

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Subaru Boxer

Subaru is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic boxer engines Finally, Subaru has a party at the home of the WRX STi. It is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its flat engines. Subaru’s horizontally opposed engines have been serving the automaker since 1966. Now 50 years after the instigation of these boxer engines, they are […]

Five Hot-Cakes of New York Auto Show 2014

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NewYork International Auto Show

The whole world has focused its attention to the 2014 New York Auto Show which is hosted by Javits Centre this year   This show is one of the biggest auto shows where automakers from around the globe are unveiling their latest creations. Here are five of the most adored vehicles that stole the show: […]

Are 3-cylinder engines any good?

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3-cylinders Combustion

Does it make driving experience more pleasurable, meanwhile you don’t need to think about the push of throttle?   People have been reading about cars perpetually and perceived that companies are starting to introduce three-cylinder engines in some new cars and even most companies are downsizing their engine line-up. It is a comprehended dilemma that […]

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