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Are 3-cylinder engines any good?

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3-cylinders Combustion

Does it make driving experience more pleasurable, meanwhile you don’t need to think about the push of throttle?


People have been reading about cars perpetually and perceived that companies are starting to introduce three-cylinder engines in some new cars and even most companies are downsizing their engine line-up. It is a comprehended dilemma that everyone wants improved fuel economy even by compromising on power, but some auto enthusiasts are concerned that these new engines are under powered; it is confirmed and unsafe too. We are trying to figure out whether or not these small engines are of any good?


If you could recall your memories of the likes of Saab, Subaru Justy and the Geo Metros, all of those three-cylinder engines were definitely not very popular. With the exclusion of the new two-stroke Saab, the other two were not really very impressive. But today, everything has changed as technology has advanced to an unbelievable height and you can expect anything from engineers of these ages. Today technology is opening the doors again to see the three-cylinder engines make a rush back. You just can’t imagine that how productive and powerful these three cylinder engines are.



Nissan has introduced a 400hp engine for its sports car; can you guess its size? V8 or a V12 right? No, none of them rather it is the same old three cylinder engine weighing only 40 kgs. Surprised? You better be… The engine is code named the “DIG-T R” and this 40 kgs unit does not only produce a grunting 400-horsepower but it also develops a massive 280 pound-feet of torque, statistically speaking, these figures make it approximately equivalent to some V8 engines.


Mitsubishi has a 3-cylinder engine in its Mirage that generates 74 horsepower, although it’s not as fast as a rocket but still accomplished 40 miles per gallon and is very reasonably priced. The most promising and potentially efficient new 3-cylinder engine is available in Ford Fiesta and Focus. It is a turbocharged engine that develops 120 horsepower and still manages to cover more than 40 miles per gallon. Without the big rush, it still does make driving experience more pleasurable, meanwhile you don’t need to think about the push of throttle. So, it is the science behind 3-cylinder engines of today’s auto mobiles that they are more powerful, much safer and extremely reliable along with heavy fuel economies and lowest CO2 emissions.

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