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Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Owned Cars

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Top Ten Celebrity Cars

Celebrities love striking sports cars and some stands out from the crowd, ten of them are listed below Celebrities always love to stay in the limelight and to do that, they often found doing something that would make them stand out from the crowd. Most of the celebrities are going “Green” but few are still […]

Stunna’s Red Bird Is Back In Nest

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Birdman Veyron

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Have Bugatti Veyron Anymore   These Limited Edition million-dollar supercars surely don’t come easily. Back in April, the whole internet was spawned by the pictures of American pop star Justin Bieber with a red dressed Bugatti Veyron The French company Bugatti is famous for supercars such as the Veyron and their number […]

Bieber Owns A Bugatti Now

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Bieber Owns A Bugatti Now – Top Singer Gets Precious Veyron As Gift Bugatti Veyron, once known as world’s fastest car has always been on wish-list for most of the stars in the lime-light. Only 400 lucky people have got Veyron, leaving just 50 to fill the place in their very long and expensive driveway. […]

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