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Bieber Owns A Bugatti Now

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Bieber Owns A Bugatti Now – Top Singer Gets Precious Veyron As Gift

Bugatti Veyron, once known as world’s fastest car has always been on wish-list for most of the stars in the lime-light. Only 400 lucky people have got Veyron, leaving just 50 to fill the place in their very long and expensive driveway. What will you do if someday you wake up and suddenly presented with one of the most expensive gifts of your life, a $1.9 million worth of 1,000 hp engine Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport? You would definitely go crazy if not mad, well that actually happened with Pop star Justin Bieber.

He has got his new Veyron and to show his gratitude, posted the pics of his new ride over the social media.  Instagram is first stop Bieber made and his followers were the lucky ones as Bieber presented the car with the note: “Uncle Stunna Luv. My first Bugatti generosity.” Here Uncle Stunna luv refers to Birdman, the producer with whom Bieber is working for quite some time now on his latest music. Birdman is also known as one of Bugatti Veyron fanatics. In recent years this 20 years old pop singer has been found exploiting behind the wheel, doing things that would make most of the people dislike the pop stars.

How crazy Bieber is about fast cars and driving recklessly? Well he owns three Ferraris and a Fisker Karma which a neighbour wrecked pretty bad; Bieber was arrested in Miami for driving a rented Lamborghini without a license. The branch of Volkswagen that deals with Bugatti often pitches its cars as the rides of billionaires and its absolutely true as otherwise how possibly could you justify paying $50,000 just for getting a new set of specially designed tyres made only for the Veyron to reach its top speed of 250 mph. This pink Veyron is making quite a stir over the social as same happened to pink Cadillacs after Elvis sang about them.

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