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Floyd Mayweather is Even Richer Now

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Floyd Mayweather With Ferrari Enzos

Floyd Mayweather sells one of his Ferrari Enzos And the rich gets even richest! Yes its Floyd Mayweather, man of money and many super cars. The boxing king and superstar from United States of America can barely fit the majority of supercars in his own garage but now he has decided to sell one of […]

Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Owned Cars

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Top Ten Celebrity Cars

Celebrities love striking sports cars and some stands out from the crowd, ten of them are listed below Celebrities always love to stay in the limelight and to do that, they often found doing something that would make them stand out from the crowd. Most of the celebrities are going “Green” but few are still […]

Paul Walker’s Exotic Cars For Sale

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Late Paul Walker

Paul Walker was a gear-head not only in most of his movies but in real world too. His exotic cars collection has been put on sale after his untimely demise but they won’t be available to general public as specialised brokers are conducting the auction   Like many other top Hollywood celebrities, late Paul Walker […]

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