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Subaru Boxer Engine Turns 50

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Subaru Boxer

Subaru is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its iconic boxer engines

Finally, Subaru has a party at the home of the WRX STi. It is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its flat engines. Subaru’s horizontally opposed engines have been serving the automaker since 1966. Now 50 years after the instigation of these boxer engines, they are still at the heart of its customers.

Who Uses The Boxer Engines?

It doesn’t matter that who uses the boxer engines but it is confirmed that these engines are the identification of Subaru, however, a German automaker Porsche also uses the flat engines. When it comes to the Japanese automaker, they us the boxer engine on each and every model they produced. So it is the reason that helping them out to celebrate the 50th birthday of an engine design.

How Boxer Engines Pushed Subaru

It is pretty simple that without boxer engines, no one can tell that where Subaru would be today. It is the importance of an engine for Fuji heavy industries that it has given the auto brand a real standing in the market. Subaru can’t deny the contribution of this engine in the success of automaker. Over the past 50 years, Subaru has manufactured millions of vehicles and almost every model was powered by the boxer engine.

Why Boxer Engines Only?

There is a very strong reason that pushed Subaru to use the boxer engines at all of its models, actually, the boxer engines form a proper synchronisation with the Subaru’s multipurpose all-wheel drive system. When they work together, they offer the compelling driving experience that offers strong handling and stability on the road and even at high speeds.

There is no doubt about the WRX and the STi model that they have their own standing in the market. People love to have a symmetrical all-wheel drive and Boxer engines.

So, Happy Birthday Boxer engines

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