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Mini First has its Peculiar Appeal for Young Buyers

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Used Mini First Engines

Quality, reliability and performance are immaculate but all these traits can be observed

Mini First is a small car with the ambition to give you thrilling drive experience, premium interior and superb fuel economy. Space inside the cabin is not great but everything else is of premium class. Used Mini First engines are robust power units so you can get them for your cars.

Their small size does not mean that they are cheaper but they have all the qualities you desire in this size of the car. The producer of Mini never introduces this car as a low-cost vehicle but an automobile with premium luxury features in small size. It has a 1.6-litre engine which gives you formidable output and torque.

In 2010 Mini First did not come with an air conditioner which should have been standard for a car claims to be premium. Running cost and maintenance proves it an economical choice so in the long run it worth your money. Quality, reliability and performance are immaculate but all these traits can be observed only when you keep driving it.

In 2011 Mini First offered something more than outgoing model including a bigger engine but with same 74bhp output. The torque of the new engine is reasonably enhanced. Mini One was also introduced in the same year. Power regenerative brakes and auto stop-start function were to enhance fuel efficiency and lower release of carbon per kilometre.

These features are included in a more powerful version of the First with 97bhp. The price difference is very little so you can easily select a more robust model.

The exterior is appealing but not enough for everyone

The real thrill of this car is its engine pack with energy so you can enjoy manoeuvring the little car. This fact gives rise to the demand for second hand MINI FIRST engines. By reducing emission to 119g/km you get a tax break so another saving for you. For some drivers old version was more engaging but it is still good to overtake and on uphill roads.

With six-speed transmissions, it keeps going well and additional torque has made Mini First smoother than before. You do not need to change gears frequently which enhance fuel average further in the real world. While driving on motorway you easily maintain formidable 70mph speed. Standard wheel for the vehicle is of 15 inches and with this size wheels, it drives without unsettling unnecessarily.

Steering wheel responds well and up to expectation so you handle and manoeuvre the car superbly. The bigger engine of new First saves fuel and offer stronger torque so you will appreciate this positive advancement. The exterior is appealing but not enough for everyone to consider it as an option for t their purchase.

Windows and door mirrors are electric so you can adjust them with the push of a button. Chrome trim package is also present among options which surely enhance the appeal of the car and coloured mirror door capping is also available. Large display of speed is the most prominent on the dashboard and overall finishing of the car is fine.

Previously the car shared a same 1.4-litre engine with Mini One. At that time acceleration and a top speed of the car was lesser than Mini One. But afterwards, a bigger power unit for the car was launched. Dynamic stability control and effective suspension are already part of the basics of car design.

Positive aspects of the vehicle are many

Other siblings of First are improved but being the most affordable and economical fuel consumption you cannot ignore it. This car could easily be your first car and for youngsters, it is quite simple to handle and park within limits of the town. By adding air condition to it, the price difference between First and One squeezed further.

It is frequently argued that by spending a little more could get you the far better option but this quest of spending a little more never ends. Positive aspects of the vehicle are many so it will be right to focus on them. This car also has basic safety features to keep you protected in case of collision.

Liberty of selecting from an array of exterior colours is also a great attraction. There is a specific class of people who thinks of these little cars and they are well aware of the limitations of these vehicles so they know how to coop with the shortcomings.

Design package of £525

It is the most affordable Mini you can own and young drivers prefer it for a thrilling drive and frugal unit. List of options is limited so you cannot add much to this small car. Your old cars can afford old power units of these cars and you can find Mini engines for sale online too.

There is no real possibility of making it exclusively yours by selecting different combinations of options. Other models of Mini have this liberty for the buyers so it is different from other siblings. The two-spoke steering wheel is standard, which is not welcomed as others have a three-spoke wheel to steer.

Design package of £525 gives you the desired steering with leather covering. Another notable change this package will bring to the interior is the use of chrome inside the cabin. With the bigger engine performance of the car has been improved and it has not remained sluggish anymore.

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