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MINI One Diesel a 2 Door Small but Reliable Car for Personal Use

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Remanufactured MINI One diesel engine

The brand never stops to advance this car a step ahead with every upgrade

Who does not know that MINI is owned by BMW and when the ownership changed in 2001 the company has put a lot to make it a success. The MINI which was on the past and what it is now has a lot of difference. Not only that it has new features for the interior or tech side the exterior has also been changed.

The gradual change has been appreciated and accepted by the buyer in a positive manner. The front got some additions for the grille and the car has become wider. The quality of interior as well its space is now increased.

There is now more of everything inside to make it upmarket along with giving a superb performance. The vehicle is offered in a three-door or five-door hatchback forms. This means the family person, as well as a bachelor, can equally enjoy it and own it for their purpose.

There are efficient and quick engines fitted in the range that is one of the very best from BMW. Remanufactured MINI One diesel engine can be purchased with confidence as the quality is maintained according to the originals. Dealers know the importance of this car in the market and closely monitor the MINI engines supply and fitting to make it reliable.

The MINI One diesel engine

The one fitted in this one is a 1.5-litre three-cylinder petrol engine having a 101 bhp. The time it takes to travel 0-62 mph in 10.1 seconds. This engine is the starting one among the range and so is slower. The torque this one produces is 190 Nm with 10 Nm increase from the previous one.

This proves that there will be a good travelling machine for smaller families also. There is now a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission associated with the engine replacing the older six-speed. The transmission has also been refined. This makes it smoother and trouble-free for you are in town as well as highway travelling.

There is no rev problem here. Whether you want low revs or the higher one, the engine will do it without hesitation. The car’s pull starts from 1500 rpm and reaches the limit in a nice friendly way. The fuel economy turns out to be great achieving 8.7 m/l.

From start till the end there is going to be the fun part present which serves well for your desire to have a sports nature car. The MINI One diesel engine reconditioned gives a nice alternative when needed the most.

Enjoyable handling and ride

This is a comparatively small car so handling it is an exciting thing to do. You will be surprised by its handling capability. The steering is direct and gives ample feedback to the driver. There is a very less body roll which can be ignored easily or even come people do not notice it.

With quick steering response and turning radius, it can turn very well in tight corners. This car is based on a racer nature so some may find it a bit harsh but still its other traits make it a winner in the class. Ride of a MINI One diesel is amazing.

It is quick, have proper suspension and above all, it is feasible for a family ride. The family of four will enjoy this car the most. Even at the back, a small child can fit in with ease without disturbing others sitting beside.

The interior has got some new things

For this starting trim, there are many MINI touches inside as well. The styling inside may give a hint of what the old one was like but there is enough new technology to keep the modern side alive.

The touch screen is situated on the dashboard in a round-shaped frame. It works according to the preferences chosen. It can be used as an infotainment screen and it can also display the fuel tank position. The speed-meter now lies behind the steering wheel.

There is more space inside now for seating people comfortably. The boot space, however, is not as it should be, a little less from a family’s view. MINI One diesel is a three-door option and still, it has good space inside and a hatch also.

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