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Mini One is Punchier Than Before

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Reconditioned Mini One engine

Mini One has become a bit more powerful with a smaller 1.2-litre turbo unit Little car having stylish body design with contrasting colour tweaks is the first choice of many young buyers. Space is limited but front seats are spacious and comfortable. Mini One has a strong performer under the hood, which makes this beautiful […]

Mini One is Choice of Big Name Lovers

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Remanufactured Mini One engine

The Old 1.6-litre unit now has replaced by a 1.2-litre turbocharged engine The engine of a small car with strong muscle is ideal for fun to drive and Mini One fulfils this demand. It is the base level model of this series. Build quality of the car is excellent and ride quality has also improved. […]

Mini One an Affordable Entry in the Range

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Second Hand Mini One engines

The turbocharged engine, smoother and quieter improves the performance Mini One is one of the entry points in the Mini range and it is worth every penny. To start with it has everything in it that depicts a Mini and even in its lower price the standard is kept high. The engine was shrunk from […]

Mini First has its Peculiar Appeal for Young Buyers

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Used Mini First Engines

Quality, reliability and performance are immaculate but all these traits can be observed Mini First is a small car with the ambition to give you thrilling drive experience, premium interior and superb fuel economy. Space inside the cabin is not great but everything else is of premium class. Used Mini First engines are robust power units so […]

MINI One Diesel a 2 Door Small but Reliable Car for Personal Use

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Remanufactured MINI One diesel engine

The brand never stops to advance this car a step ahead with every upgrade Who does not know that MINI is owned by BMW and when the ownership changed in 2001 the company has put a lot to make it a success. The MINI which was on the past and what it is now has […]

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