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What Customisation did Usher’s New Rubicon Get?

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Usher Custom-Rubicon


Usher has won eight Grammy Awards and he is among one of those celebrities who love to have their rides custom made. This new black Rubicon has also undergone some customisations that made this celebrity fall in love with his ride.


Recently the American celebrity Usher has posted – on his Instagram Account – a picture of his black and gray 4×4 ride, it’s a customised Jeep Wrangler Rubicon. This beast has now undergone a custom uplift of about three inches and the wings have also been modified on a kind of straight lines and powered by a V6 engine. No wonder why the Rubicon has been named the Best 4×4 Vehicle of the Decade.

Jeep is indeed one of the best off-road SUV’s available on the market which is powered by a mighty V6 engine, providing enough power to safely escape from most of undesired situations if not all. The wheels are also looking very promising if you ever consider having fun in the wilds or on the rocks.


This American rapper is so into cars that he actually was the part of that specialised team who build a custom Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG engine for his Merc. So it is quite possible that Usher has made some kind of contribution in turning this wild beast dream into a beautiful reality.

Usher is known to be one of the best artists in the history of American music industry, his worldwide records sales have crossed the numbers over 65 million. Usher and Chris Tuker have the honour of performing with (late) Michael Jackson and so many other distinguished celebrities all over the world.

This custom Jeep is not the only ride he gets to own, a Porsche Carrera GT, a Ducati and a convertible Ferrari also sits in his driveway.

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