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Paul Walker Death Saga Continues – Porsche To Face A Lawsuit

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The death of Paul Walker and his friend Roger Rodas caused by the design flaws, says the widow of Rodas in her lawsuit aimed at Porsche


When the Carrera GT crashed and the engine caught fire, both the occupants, actor Paul Walker and his friend, the driver Roger Rodas, died on the spot. The investigation concluded, the car was travelling at 93 mph on old tyres, it was stated in the report issued by the Los Angeles County Sheriff.

The lawsuit launched by the Rodas’ widow states that it was 55 mph, not the 93 mph that Roger was driving the Porsche then. It is also stated that the lives of Roger Rodas and Paul Walker could have been saved if the car would have certain safety features, but the lack of them caused the loss of precious human lives. As Carrera GT is a supercar, it should have offered safety features like a gas tank that does not explode and catches fire in a crash and roll cage to prevent in case of a flip-over.


Apart from the investigators from the state, Porsche sent some of their own to find out what went wrong and why? Their investigation showed that the car was not in original design, it was altered and was not maintained properly.

The final verdict of this lawsuit could take years, various details will emerge but one thing is for sure, Porsche is going to be in hot waters for quite some time.

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