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Diesel engines are cleaner and economical than ever before

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Diesel Engines today are 27 per cent more cost-effective and equally fuel efficient than they were ten years ago

Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) has released a survey report on diesel engine cars recently, in this report they said that diesel cars are 21 percent less polluting than they were in 2003 and 27 per cent more cost-effective and equally fuel efficient than they were ten years ago, with developments like common rails fuel delivery systems and stop/start systems contributing to the cut in CO2 emissions and fuel utilization. Diesel powered cars are saving £360 on every 12000 miles driving these days; it is even with the higher fuel prices and they are actually cheap to run by 27 percent. These stats show that the cleaner diesels have reduced the CO2 emissions of UK by over 750,000 tonnes per year which is a massive figure.

To improve fuel efficiency, common rail fuel injection system uses very high pressure to inject the fuel into engine cylinders. This fuel injection system improves the performance by 20 percent. On other hand stop/start technology is predominantly become common on almost every new car manufactured in the Europe. It is a very handy technology that saves a driver more than £100 every year and saves the environment by reducing emissions up to eight percent.

Peter Fouquet, president of Bosch in the UK, said: “Motorists today benefit from much cleaner diesel cars than those that were on the market even ten years ago. As diesel car sales continue to rise, we are more focused on constantly innovating new technologies that help reduce emissions from diesel cars and make them cheaper to run.” By the way, Bosch has made several diesel inventions in past several years and their most common inventions were turbochargers for automobiles and efficient diesel injection systems. These are the technologies which benefiting the engines in order to improve performance.

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