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Rowan Atkinson’s McLaren F1 for sale

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Atkinson F1 supercar

Rowan Atkinson has decided to sell his McLaren F1 and you can have it for £8m


Rowan Atkinson is most commonly known as Mr.Bean and the great British comedian has been a great auto enthusiast for years. He has a range of posh and luxury cars in his collection which includes cars such as Rolls Royce with W16 engine, the only piece in world, Audis, McLaren F1 and many others. He has a dark purple McLaren F1 which has only been used when not racing or acting, now for sale with an asking price of £8 million.

He bought this beautiful HyperCar in 1997 and has crashed his McLaren F1 twice. The first crash in 1999 with an Austin Metro wasfortunately, a low-speedhit however, a thruster hit in 2011 wasn’t that fortunate.

The insurance company paid the highest repair bill in their history as McLaren Special Operations estimated the cost to rebuild the F1 at £910,000.

The Broker Taylor and Crawley have this F1 for sale with 41000 miles on it. It is not listed on the company’s website, but a quote from the Taylor and Crawley’s owner David Clark says, “Apart from the accidents, I think Rowan has enjoyed every minute with the F1 and I think he will have withdrawal when it is gone”

The asking price for this F1 is really mouth watering because one was sold in UK for £4m in 2012 and a GTR was sold for £4.1m.


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