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Mr Bean’s McLaren F1 Took Most Expensive Repairs In UK

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In 2011, Rowan Atkinson, aka Mr Bean, crashed his historic McLaren F1 into a tree while driving on a British highway.


The accident news spread like wild fire, the reasons were obvious, it was Bean’s car, it was a Limited Edition McLaren and the repairs cost insurance company a fortune.

McLaren F1 is one of the most admired supercars in the world and when you talk about the one owned by the legendary British comedian Rowan Atkinson, famed as Mr Bean, it’s a Limited Edition as only 64 of those were ever built. With its historic value and fame as Bean’s car, it was one unique car for sure.
One of the most horrified and surely painful enough moment was watching that beauty getting ripped apart on the A-605 road when it crashed into a tree. It seems pretty logical that when you have a car with that powerful engine, you don’t want to drive slowly.



After more than two year of that unfortunate crash, several details have surfaced and the most amazing of them all are the financial numbers related to repairs. It was a pretty bad collision as the McLaren F1 had to bear some heavy damages, although the mechanics exhaustively worked to calculate the repair costs, it still took them almost four whole weeks. To bring that wilder beast supercar back to its perfect factory state, it took tremendous efforts, loads of money and one full year.


You need to hold on to something when you read the financial numbers that the insurance company had paid to McLaren’s workshop in Surrey which brought the car back to its original state. Well, here it goes, it was no less than £910,000 and that made it United Kingdom’s the biggest repair bill ever recorded.


Just for the ending note, that repair bill was bigger than the initial price of McLaren. It was also about half of McLaren’s estimated value in 2011.

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