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Peugeot Boxer Now Has Euro 6.2 Compliant Engines

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Peugeot Boxer diesel engine

The looks are catchy and the performance supports the efficient power units

Things are changing rapidly and so are the standards to remain in the race. Peugeot makers know this well. With updates following its creation, there have been many changes to attract the buyer and keep the van updated.

Especially the Peugeot Boxer diesel engines have a strict line to follow to remain alive and the company has attended to the matter seriously. The result has been the introduction of the latest engines for the revision of 2019.

As always the exterior is attractive and there are not many chances for the update. You may think it to be. But not only the looks many other features will give a reason for the buyer to enjoy working with the vehicle.

Among these, the price factor is of special attention which is kept as low as possible to remain affordable for anyone who wants to own it. This large French van has many competitors and it also places itself in the top ranks by sharing a similar formula.

There are four body lengths and three body heights available so that you can have one according to the need. The present Peugeot Boxer engines depict efficiency and have the ability to cope with any load volume and weight.

Peugeot Boxer used engines is a very useful proposition when the van needs engine replacement. Peugeot suppliers make sure to give the very best to the customers.

Engine update

The present Euro 6.2 compliant engines called BlueHDi comes in a 2.2-litre unit. The previous one was a 2.0-litre Peugeot Boxer diesel engine which is not present in the new one. The outputs which the new one produces are 120 hp, 140 hp and 165 hp.

The 120 ho has a torque of 300 Nm. The second one 140 ho has a torque 340 Nm and the last one 165 ho comes with a torque of 370 Nm. All these engines come with a stop/start function as standard to improve the fuel economy further.

The six-speed manual transmission is also standard throughout the range. These engine updates have made the Boxer increase its performance magnitude which is a great help for the buyers.

With these still, the older ones are in the market as the 2019 range is still to spread among the market. So, for now, you can buy the brand new ones for the older version.

But while behind the wheel there will be a very positive change in the energy and confidence. Even when the van is fully loaded there will be not much struggle from the engine to keep up.

What it has for technology update

Along with the older line, you also get to have some new add on and these are has made the van, even more, facilitating for the driver. There are two new trims added to increase the choice; Grip and Asphalt.

The Asphalt package has been also introduced which is claimed to help the drivers who are always on the move. This includes comfort and safety features to secure the occupiers and relax the driver at the same time.

Satellite navigation, air conditioning, USB charge socket, smartphone holder, colour reversing camera, rear parking sensors and lane departure warning are all included in the trim. Other trims have Peugeot Connect telematics software. This offers the driver information about the vehicle.

It monitors the fuel consumption; show tabs for vehicle’s maintenance schedule and use the GPS to get information of the whereabouts of the van in case of theft.

How much safe is this new one?

For the upgrade safety equipment are also added to do a better job for the aspect. Blind-spot monitoring has now been added together with rear traffic alert which can trace vehicles on each side in a 50-meter radius. There is also a trailer merge assist which is a blind spot monitoring assistance.

The new Grip trim also has a Grip Control system including Hill Ascent and Descent control, all-season tires, rock-hard suspension and lane departure warning. Autonomous emergency braking, traffic sign recognition and automatic high beam assistance are also there in the new trims.

So with the introduction of these safety features, the intention is to increase the safety of the occupiers as well as the load behind it. As being a van the major concern of the driver as the company who owns it is the safe delivery of the goods placed in the backload area.

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