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Peugeot Boxer within your Means and Proficient

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Peugeot Boxer

Even in its old form, the utilitarian graph remains the same

Peugeot Boxer is an old horse which was introduced a long time ago but its popularity has made it stay in the market. This was the van that introduced new technology and driver comfort in this category. Since then many followed and made new innovation to make these even better.

The result was that the new ones excelled but Peugeot Boxer remained where it was before. The most recent upgrade took place in 2014 and another minor one in 2016 for the engine side. There are just little things lacking and if added this can become among the leading vans of this category.

You get to have variation in height and length to customize as required. The economy is present due to diesel engines and Peugeot Boxer engines are according to Euro6 standard. The exterior has approached and there are trims and cuts and designed grill to impress.

Then there is equipment present to enhance things further and attract the buyer. Apart from panel van, there can be other body variations this one can be converted to.

Tippers, drop-side trucks, chassis cabs and crew cabs can be obtained in the standard or Professional trim. Peugeot suppliers make it easy for the buyer to choose the one suit your need well.

The compatible engine

The previous 2.2-litre diesel engine has been discontinued as it was not according to the new standards of carbon emission. The new one which is going to be under the bonnet of Peugeot Boxer is a 2.0-litre BlueHDi diesel engine with different powers to pick.

You can choose from 110 hp, 130 hp and at the top the 160 hp. There is still 3.0-litre Peugeot Boxer diesel engine present but it is fitted in the larger L4H3 body style and heavyweight and a different license to drive one. There is a six-speed manual gearbox attached to all as standard.

Every engine is frugal with good low-end torque which is needed to gain power especially when a sloppy road is ahead. The 130 hp engine is smooth and powerful with a quiet nature.

There is an engaging drive though not fun oriented. But it is ok with many as a load carrier in any form must have the appropriate capability to take it to its destination first. Peugeot Boxer used engines comes handy and you can have them from dealers easily.

Convenience while driving

There has been a technology upgrade and with it has come many things for the convenience of the driver and handling ability. The steering is accurate and places the van where the driver wants it to be.

It is light and remains well in control. The engine responds in a much better way than the previous larger ones. The manual gearbox which is mounted on the dashboard has the convenience factor of easy reach.

It can annoy sometimes but still, there is not much disturbance while driving. The height adjustment for the steering wheel and driver’s seat is good giving the right position of both.

Cabin and technology

This is a convenient and spacious cabin for storage we are talking about here. Especially the storage spaces are vast whether on the doors or in the dashboard there is no comparison. You can store any hand item here without any problem.

There is also storage under the seat and a shelf above the windscreen which are quite impressive than the usual lot. There is a dual passenger seat fitted yet the single seat option is also there. With a dual seat, there is a table in the back of the middle seat to do paperwork if needed or put your eatables on it in the break.

A DAB radio, Bluetooth and USB inputs are standard in all trims. There are also electric heated door mirrors and deadlocks. The Professional trim also gets cruise controls, manual air conditioning and sat-nav.

The touch screen system adds quality to the environment in this trim and there are also parking sensors to make things easier for the large van driver and reversing camera comes as an option. This one is a very useful feature as it gives a bird’s eye view of what is behind the van very useful to avoid knocks while parking or reversing.

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