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Peugeot Boxer Now Comes With New Engines

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Used Peugeot Boxer engines

Euro 6.2 compliant units make the deal even more favourable

Peugeot Boxer is one of those vans that are handsome yet they have a lot covered underneath. There are additions to it with every upgrade and the van becomes more attractive. It is not just physically the changes occur it is mechanically also.

The vehicle has become smooth to drive and beautiful to look at also. The exterior has got those stylish eyes called headlights. You can also have optional LED running lights to make these headlamps more striking.

For those who are worried about the interior must not. It is as good as it is from outside. There are good quality materials now used in the cabin as well as there is additional equipment added to it.

Drivers these days are quite choosy and for such lot, you have to provide them with the best. So if you can afford then this transport is fit for the comfort of the driver as well as carrying a heavy load in the back. The new range of again updated Euro 6.2 Peugeot Boxer engines is amazing.

An electric variant is also said to be introduced soon. Used Peugeot Boxer engines also make a good deal for an alternative. The ones who have the status of Peugeot suppliers give the market only the best with good new affordable deals.

Why need of the new range

The Euro 6.2 is a revised standard for Euro 6 in which the engines are more environment-friendly. But the Euro 6 is also there in the market and there is a choice to pick as you desire. The older ones present have 2.0-litre engines instead of 2.2-litre.

There are three versions present with 110 bhp, 130 bhp and 160 bhp. The present upgrade has again brought the engine back to 2.2-litre capacity and with it, the power outputs have also changed.

These are four-cylinder diesel engines with the lowest one producing 118bhp and a torque of 300 Nm. Next one in the range is a 138 bhp version with 340 Nm of torque. The final one Peugeot Boxer has a 163 bhp power production and the torque it produces is 370 Nm.

The power has increased which is sure to give the driving side more punch than before. The company has also confirmed that there will be an electric version for the range but there are no details to be found yet.

Two new trims available

For the 2019 revision, there are two more trims added to the previous line up. One is Asphalt and the other one is Grip. These two are targeted towards the working groups who have special circumstances to work in. The Grip trim is for those who have to carry heavy loads but on difficult surfaces.

For these, the added features are Peugeot’s Grip Control system which includes Hill Ascent and Descent control, all-season tyres, front and rear mud shakers, toughened suspension and protection for underneath the body parts.

For the other trim, this is made to relax a driver who is always on the run. There are comfort and safety features added in it. These include satellite navigation, air conditioning, a USB charge socket, a smartphone holder, a colour reversing camera, rear parking sensors and lane departure warning.

These make the driver have a little relaxation and less tension while working most of the day. These new trims give comfort in both ways. So this is not a useless addition to the range rather it has increased the utilitarian side indirectly.

Safety equipment on board

Other than the specific ones mentioned above there are some common ones throughout the range. You get blind-spot monitoring, rear traffic alert and trailer merge assist. The rear traffic tool can detect traffic 50 meters of traffic around the car while reversing which is cool as well as keep the vehicle safe from any collision.

Same is blind-spot monitoring which can trace out a vehicle between 3-9 meters. To make it safer there is ‘Peugeot Connect’ telematics. In addition to safety, it also provides a vehicle’s fuel consumption information as well as a maintenance schedule. It also offers tips to keep the van eco-friendly. This system can also detect the position of the vehicle in case of theft.

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