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Paul Walker’s Seven Cars Gone Missing

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The estate has demanded the associate to return six other vehicles along with a Porsche, he allegedly had taken hours after Walker’s death


Fast & Furious star Paul Walker death saga continues, after the lawsuits filed by his father and another by Roger Rodas’ widow. Now a new court filing at the Los Angeles superior court states that one of late Paul Walker’s associates has allegedly took possession of seven expensive cars once belonged to Hollywood superstar.

It is also said that within 24 hours of Walker’s death, that associate took the vehicles and has not returned them ever since.


Why on earth would someone do that?


It’s pretty simple, to convert those vehicles to his own benefit. Richard Tylor, the man allegedly responsible for taking care of Walker’s owned or co-owned cars.

Within 24 hours of his death, Richard and his men went to the storage facilities and allegedly removed a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS and six other vehicles of high value to some unknown locations and concealed them all.

Richard had helped Walker maintain his precious collection of 39 cars but when he provided the list after Walker’s death, he mentioned only 32, concealed 7 vehicles for himself.

What the estate has filed for?


The estate has charged Richard for the return of cars and their documents or value of the cars if he fails to deliver them. The estate has also claimed an unspecified compensation.

The suit also alleges that Richard – responsible of maintaining original documents and registrations of the vehicles – created a list in March 2014 titled as “Paul Walker Current Car Inventory List” and sent to the estate where 31 cars were shown, owned entirely by Walkers, whereas one car was jointly owned by Walker and Rodas.

According to the suit, there are seven vehicles identified as missing, including a 2011 Porsche GT3 RS. He has also failed to provide the original car registrations to the cars in inventory list.

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