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A Claim of $1.8 Million Worth of Cars Made by Paul Walker’s Father

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Walker and Rodas

Paul’s father to claim cars that were co-owned by Paul Walker and Roger Rodas


Back in November 2013 when Paul Walker and Roger Rodas died in fiery car crash, they co-owned “Always Evolving”, a racing shop in Valencia, California, which was then having tens of cars in the garage, some of them are now being claimed by Paul’s father.

When this unfortunate event happened, Rodas was driving Porsche Carrera GT while the famous Hollywood star, Paul Walker was in the passenger seat, the car caught fire and they were burned alive. Initially, Porsche was blamed for poor quality; however, after the investigation, police reported over speeding as the major factor causing the accident.

It’s been more than a year now but the love for Paul didn’t die, the news about the case and updates were seen in the papers but what really shocked the fans was the claim made by Paul’s father. We have learned that he has filed some sort of legal documents according to which Rodas’ family still owns a number of cars that belonged to his son, ‘Fast & Furious’ star Paul Walker. The worth of those said cars are estimated over $1.8 million.

This claim has been rejected at first place by the family of co-owner of “Always Evolving” saying that it is nothing but a cheap attempt to gain media attention. It is assumed now that the claim will be entertained in the court of law. You might remember that Paul Walker had almost 30 cars; all of them were set of an auction through some private brokers, back in May 2014.

This collection of exotic supercars consisted of some BMW’s, Porsches, Audis and numerous Ford Mustangs. So if it really is the case, then Paul’s father will get many of these beauties, but as a side note, it’s really hurting the feelings of hundreds of thousands of Paul’s fans to know that the families of those two late best friends are spending their time and resources, suing each other when they should have mourned over their loss peacefully.

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