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Mr Bean and Another McLaren F1 Crash

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McLaren F1 is one of the fastest supercars ever made, not all drivers are capable of handling the sheer acceleration force it develops, result? A crash off course, Mr Bean had his in 2011 now he witnesses one


Anyone who loves super fast cars knows about and adores McLaren F1 and at some point, fancy to have one of his own or at least have a chance to drive one even for once. Rowan Atkinson – who is famous for his role played as Mr Bean in a British comedy series by the same name – also owns one of those 64 ever built F1s, and unfortunately, had crashed his McLaren F1 pretty bad back in 2011. This time he was the first on the aid of a well-off American businessman who crashed his 6.1-litre engine McLaren into trees, the same way as Bean did years ago.



This horrible crash took place in Tuscany in central Italy on Tuesday, initial reports say that the driver lost control of his red-and-white F1 and crashed into the tree in nearby olive grove. This unfortunate car was part of a convoy of McLaren F1s owned by motoring enthusiast who were driving through the Tuscan countryside and Mr Bean was one of those enthusiasts.

After the crash he was the first on scene and was even photographed collecting debris from that F1 whose chassis no was said to be 072. The call to emergency services been made and soon the injured driver was airlifted to a nearby hospital in Pisa where his condition is said to be not serious now.


The crashed car has also been taken away, and hopefully, the insurance company would be inspecting it for the estimated repairs cost as they already had a bitter experience with Atkinson’s repairs bill that soared to a hefty £910,000 back then.

In 1997, Atkinson paid £640,000 for that rare piece of machine; this value soared to £3.4 million for each vehicle in 2012.

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