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How Mazda Captures the Soul of Motion?

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Mazda has captured the Soul of Motion and put it into Mazda 3 Saloon in KODO design

Mazda has introduced the new design language named the KODO design, it is a Japanese word that means Soul of Motion. The design language has finally made its appearance on a compact car, all-new 3 Saloon. Although it looks like a facsimile version of its mid-sized cousin but no doubt, it is a magnificent model in the Mazda line-up. The all-new Mazda 3 engine line-up will be optimised for a global market to meet the distinct needs of the customers and Mazda fans across the globe.

You can even enjoy the good fuel economies from the most modern SkyActiv petrol engines and the diesel versions, however, there is a possibility of a hybrid engine in near future when Mazda will go for a green car based on the same platform.

Mazda 3 engines

Mazda 3 saloon has a 1.5-litre SkyActiv engine which is a really capable engine with 100bhp of power. It cranks out the hefty whirl of torque of 150Nm that Help the Mazda 3 saloon to easily overtake the traffic on the motorway or keeping it brawny in the city traffic at lower speeds.

It uses the direct injection fuel delivery and burns petrol to keep your soul in motion.

Engine performance

Mazda has always introduced some of the best engines in the market and this engine has no exceptions at all. While being a relatively smaller engine, it takes only 10 seconds to reach the 62 miles per hour when you push it from a standstill. It has a relatively good top speed to meet the majority of motorway speed limits across the globe. It reaches to its maximum with 115 miles per hour.

Fuel Consumption

When it comes to the running costs of the 3 Saloon, it has to show some great figures to the world. When it enters into the city areas and congested traffic, it returns 37 miles per gallon, however, on the motorway, it changes the story with an increase of more than 18 miles per gallon over the city economy. On average, the 3 saloon returns around 50 miles per gallon.

Do not wait to get a ride of your dream car to see how the soul of motion takes you into the world of modern mobility.

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