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An Inside Story of Mazda 6

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New Mazda 6

The New Mazda 6 specs under spotlight Mazda 6 under spotlight Car lovers now days from all over the world are curious for a car which has a stylish exterior as well as a luxurious interior at the same time. As we all know the product should be according to the desires and needs of […]

Google Car: What do we know so Far!

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Google Self Driverless Car

Everything about Google Car Technophiles around the world have probably gone crazy out of excitement but is the Google car really as great as it seems? In advancement then of course, who would have thought we would be able to have driverless cars on the road. Yet when it comes to headlines, unfortunately they are […]

New Mazda CX-9 Comes with 2.5-Litre 4-cyl Turbo Petrol Engine

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Having had the 2.5-litre 4-cyl turbo petrol engine just for bosom friends, New Mazda CX-9 prides itself Try to let yourself forgive for emotion unfamiliar with Mazda CX-9. In past, we haven’t taken the glances of Mazda CX-9 as a right-hand-drive version in the UK showroom, In spite of starting the sale in the great […]

How Mazda Captures the Soul of Motion?

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Mazda has captured the Soul of Motion and put it into Mazda 3 Saloon in KODO design Mazda has introduced the new design language named the KODO design, it is a Japanese word that means Soul of Motion. The design language has finally made its appearance on a compact car, all-new 3 Saloon. Although it […]

Is it Really True? “Toyota Kills Two Birds with One Stone”

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Toyota Mirai car

 No more traditional fuel please! Toyota has made revolutionary car which runs on hydrogen fuel cell and has zero-percent carbon emissions. Toyota released Prius back in 1997 and became the pioneer of hybrid cars, it was the first-generation of hybrid cars at that time. The world’s view to look at the internal combustion engine has […]

Ban on Smoking in Cars to Start In October 2015

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Smoking With Children

The government is putting forward new laws which will prohibit smoking in the car with children   The parliament is proposing a ban on smoking in such cars that have children under 18 in them and that’s not all, there will be a fine of £50 for the person who is smoking in the car. […]

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