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Justin Bieber Bought “She” for Christmas

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Justin Bieber


After closing this year with a total income of 80 million, you definitely would not let the Christmas go by without doing something really special. So did Justin Bieber as he recently bought a Jet for this Christmas and has become the newest member of Jet Club


Christmas has always been so fascinating all around the world, you play fair, and you act kindly, work your way up honestly and real hard. At the end of the year, you wait for Santa to come and drop a longed gift for you. But, have you ever thought of how expensive gift you really going to get?

The answer probably would be, No, Never! It doesn’t matter how hard you work, you won’t be earning as much as celebrities do. Well, talking about celebrities earning a fortune, the Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber pops up as No. 1 celebrity who’s under 30 and earns hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. According to Forbes, his net worth has climbed to $200 million in total. Wow! Isn’t it wonderful? But how does he make all that money? We tell you, most of hisfortune is earned by his music sales, touring, product endorsements and merchandise related to him.

We already know that Bieber have Bugatti, Ferrari 458 Italia, and Audi R8 in his super exotic car collection with big engines and we were wondering he would go for another hyper car this year but we never ever have thought of him buying a Jet, not even in our wildest dreams. The pictures on his social accounts depict how comfortable are those brown leather seats of mmarvelous jet whom he calls “She”. This jet is capable of accommodating 11 passengers. Amazingly this baby can fly at a top speed of 704 mph which equals to Mach 0,925.

There are different models available, varying in specifications and luxury levels, the seating capacity also vary from 11 to 18 passengers. The two Rolls-Royce Deutschland turbofans enables the jet to fly continuously a distance of 12,960 km or 8,050 miles (7,000 nautical miles). One of these babies can be yours if you have at least 60 million dollars with you. That’s a lot of money here but when we look at the luxury and comfort features it brings, the money is ok.

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