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JLR’s New Technology Will Do Wonders

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Pothole finder technology


On the fast lane, a pothole could claim life, but it can be prevented only if alerted beforehand and JLR’s new technology will help saving lives

Most of the motorist, especially who had to travel a lot on the motorway, find it really annoying. In some cases, their motorway cruise became life threatening when at high speed they suddenly encounter a pothole. In order to avoid it, some drivers make sudden moves which lead to accidents and costing the life or sustaining serious injuries.

All the related departments and auto makers are working to fix this problem, but it remains.

Now Jaguar Land Rover has developed some kind of technology that would do wonders in this regard.

What is this technology?

Some time ago, we learnt about Volvo’s use of cloud technology to inform connected cars about the road hazards, now Jaguar Land Rover has given it a shot. Calling it Pothole Alert technology, JLR has shown the world that these technologies – vehicle-t0-vehicle (V2V) and vehicle-t0-infrastructure (V2I) – will play the integral role in future but can do wonders right now.

How does it work?

With the use of sensors built into the MagneRide suspension system – introduced in 2016 Land Rover Discovery Sport and 2016 Range Rover Evoque models, this system is designed in such a way that these sensors will continuously scan the road for potholes and adjust suspension accordingly, offering comfortable and smoother ride experience.

JLR’s MagneRide system is not only capable of detecting such hazards, but it also can share the information with other drivers on the road. With the help of forward-facing video camera, this system keeps on actively scanning the road ahead.

Who will it benefit?

JLR, in collaboration with hometown municipality, is trying to find ways to get government bodies take advantage of this brilliant technology to fix the problem even faster. In the initial testing, the Coventry City Council is going to use the data collected by JLR research and determine ways to stay ahead of the problematic road conditions in the city.

Tentatively, this Pothole Alert system will provide road crews with the severity of the potholes and by the use of GPS, the exact location and which location to be addressed first.



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