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Land Rover Freelander 2 Improved a Lot in the Last Model

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Reconditioned Land Rover Freelander 2 Engines for Sale

Land Rover improved it much in the second generation of the vehicle so you got a very good small SUV Land Rover Freelander 2 belongs to a class of small SUVs and until the launch of Discovery Sport this vehicle kept leading. It can run equally well on roads and other tracks. It is strong […]

Land Rover Discovery 4! A Legendary SUV Beats the Rivals in the UK

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Land Rover Discovery 4 model lineup in the UK loves to travel distances, no matter what type of terrain it is running on Counting on the best all-terrain SUVs, Land Rover vehicles come in the leading role as the Leyland automaker is world’s only automaker who makes all its vehicles as off-roaders. The Land Rover […]

Jaguar Land Rover Plans to Increase Engine Manufacturing Capacity of its UK Plant

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JLR Increase Engine Manufacturing Capacity

Jaguar Land Rover announces to double the engine plant size to meet the increasing demands for its-upcoming models. According to the details of the decision, Jaguar Land Rover has revealed that the company is looking forward to double the engine production plant in Wolverhampton, UK. The decision has been taken in the light of increasing […]

JLR’s New Technology Will Do Wonders

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Pothole finder technology

  On the fast lane, a pothole could claim life, but it can be prevented only if alerted beforehand and JLR’s new technology will help saving lives   Most of the motorist, especially who had to travel a lot on the motorway, find it really annoying. In some cases, their motorway cruise became life threatening when […]

Jaguar Land Rover Will Start US Production in Three Years

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JLR will build production plants in the US within next three years Jaguar Land Rover has plans to build manufacturing plants in the United States in the next three years. This comes after Jaguar Land Rover announced that they will invest £600 million in UK only and developed new engine plant. This decision will have […]

Your Keyless Car Is An Easy Prey for Crooks

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Car breaked by Crooks

According to Metropolitan Police, It is terribly easy for Crooks to steal your keyless car   It is a dilemma for Metropolitan Police that keyless cars are easier to forge down when it comes to car crime. Crooks can easily steal a car with keyless entry in UK. High-end cars stolen from UK and smuggled […]

Land Rover Discovery Sport has a Premium Appeal

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Land Rover Discovery

Land Rover Discovery Sport combines premium interior with practicality and going anywhere capability   All new Land Rover Discovery Sport combines a premium interior with an ability to go anywhere. The New Land Rover Discovery Sport is a very capable and practical 4×4 and is set to dominate the market after the production of Freelander […]

Queen Opens New JLR Engine Plant in UK

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Queen and Duke at JLR

The Queen of Great Britain has officially opened the JLR Ingenium engine facility in Wolverhampton   Jaguar Land Rover group has opened a £500 million worth engine manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton, West Midlands. The Queen of Great Britain has officially opened the plant. This plant will be used to exclusively manufacture JLR’s most efficient Ingenium […]

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