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Jaguar Land Rover Will Start US Production in Three Years

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JLR will build production plants in the US within next three years

Jaguar Land Rover has plans to build manufacturing plants in the United States in the next three years. This comes after Jaguar Land Rover announced that they will invest £600 million in UK only and developed new engine plant. This decision will have effects on further investments in any other country.

In October 2014, according to US media JLR was considering new plants in the south of the country. Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal visited UK to implore doing business with JLR. Former chairman of JLR parent company, Rattan Tata has subsequently confirmed that the plan was under consideration even last month.

Chief executive Ralf Speth explains the reasons behind the delay in different phases as JLR has plans to open plants in several other locations and so far one has been opened in China. It also opened one in Brazil. UK is the JLR’s HQ where it opened SVO facility, R&D centre, new engine plant and manufacturing facility, inaugurated by the Queen.

It is important for Jaguar Land Rover to open production facilities in the USA to increase their potential sales. However, the entire brand has sold only 16,000 units in the US but It is necessary to open manufacturing plants in the US to boost sales.


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