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Audi A5 Coupe! The big brother of Audi A4

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Audi A5 Coupe

The A4 sibling Audi A5 coupe wraps up the entire Audi A4 system in a new body with same Audi engines

The all-new Audi A5 coupe is the continuation of the Audi A4 model series, as Audi has worked out to make every model under different nameplate. Thus the coupe version of the Audi A4 comes in the shape of A5 as the A4 is a luxury premium class saloon. The A5 has almost the same capacity as of the A4 with some different styling and a bit modern bodywork to make the A5 and ultra-modern vehicle. It has an extended list of opponents ready to compete for the A5 in the UK market. It is competitors in the UK market like the Mercedes C-class Coupe, BMW 4-series coupe, and Lexus RC. Whilst there’s no doubting the A5 has an extra salient and noticeable outlook than the unemotional A4, to us, it on the other hand dearth the appealing expression of the Lexus or the sheer drive from the mighty engine of the Mercedes.

But does that sleeker, sportier modern body looks imply the A5 any higher to power than the expert A4, however alternatively A4 saloon, with which it shares a lot? Unfortunately now not for an extra model in the Audi models lineup. It’s nowhere essentially the 4 series and as appealing, whilst the C-class has no competition with the Audi A5 as it gives the impact of being lifeless when Mercedes Engines come into action. The A5 has been introduced as a sensible model which cannot beat any of those two competitors out there, on both fronts, sales and appealing looks and the performance.

The 2018 tweaks

The A5 next generation represents the second gen of the coupe and convertibles with a number of refinements for the 2018 and now 2019. It is the first time when Audi has introduced A5 and S5 models in the US markets at the same time. It was the best-furnished model in the European markets as well and has an excellent sales record as well.

The driving experience

Overall the A5 is quite comforting and secure however when it comes to the Audi A5 engines for sale, the diesel units don’t excite the riders just like the BMW 435d diesel engines. These engines give an impression of being lifeless. It’s extremely suggested that when you like to have an A5, go for an Audi A5 petrol version.

Audi A5 engines

Audi A5 has been offered with both options including a petrol and diesel engine and that you may pick either one. A petrol engine or diesel engines but according to the experts, petrol engines are excellent units so far. However, the diesel has a 2.0-litre diesel engine. Although it is able to crank 187bhp and more likely to be a prime seller. A 3.0-litre V6 diesel engine offered for some excellent performance. The V6 version generates two different power outputs and comes in 215bhp or 282bhp. On the petrol engines front, there are two petrol engines offered in the A5 lineup where a 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine cranks 187bhp and 249bhp.

The high-efficiency and ultra-performer model comes with a 3.0-litre Audi A5 turbocharged petrol V6 engine and this engine is capable of generating 349bhp. This 3.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine is exchanging the previously used supercharged engines on Audi lineup.

Both diesel engines come with Quattro 4-wheel powertrain and mated to an eight-speed automatic gearbox. The A5 diesel engines are capable of doing zero to 62mph in just over 5 seconds and have an electronically controlled high speed of 155mph.

Mixed with the eight-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel power, it is outrageously quick and amazingly quiet on the road, you are going to hardly listen the engine sound and can come to know that the engine is switched on or not, nonetheless put your foot down on the paddle and you’ll hear and suppose the high-quality sound of a V6. Audi has a bigger market in the UK so it is not a hard task at all to source Audi A5 reconditioned engines in the UK market. There are hundreds of Audi a5 engine specialists as well who recondition and remanufacture these modern engines at highest Audi standards.

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