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Top 5 2015 Celebrity Car Stories

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Top 5 2015 Celebrity Car Stories

The celebrities know how to stay in news, whether it be fashion or the cars

The top celebrities have so much cash to burn, they spend it on so many things and one of them is ‘Car’. Yes, they use their money to get a ride that serves their purpose well, whether that be evading paparazzi, a gift on birthday, or making statements.

Some of them go green with diesel engine powered vehicles, or the hybrid electric ones, while other go for supercharged petrol powered cars.

Let’s have a look at 2015’s top 5 celebrity car stories.

Jeremy Clarkson gets fired from BBC

According to most of the people around the globe, the scandal involving Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson getting the boot from BBC was one of the most sought after one in the previous year. He allegedly sustained and prolonged verbal abuse against Oisin Tymon, the senior producer of the show.

Soon after his departure, Clarkson’s co-hosts James May and Richard Hammond also left with him. Now BBC has appointed radio host Chris Evans as Clarkson’s replacement.

Krazy Kar Kollection of the Kardashians

To pose as an environmental activist, many celebrities drive Prius electric car but some prefer to make a statement instead and when it comes to that, no one can do better than the Kardashians. They own one of the biggest ‘Kollection’ of pimped up ‘Kars’.

Thanks to a rewarding portfolio of product endorsements, clothing lines and nightclub appearances, they have got so much money to burn without giving it a second thought.

In September 2015, on Instagram, Khloe Kardashian unveiled her Range Rover covered in velvet. This customisation was carried out by Ryan Friedlinghaus of West Coast Customs.

Porsche putting blame on Paul Walker

Paul Walker’s death was regarded as one of the gloomiest incident happened in 2013 when he died along with his friend Roger Rodas in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT at the age of 40.

Walker’s 16-year-old daughter Meadow, in September this year, came up with press charges against Porsche for the wrongful death of his father. Porsche blamed Walker and Rodas for their own deaths saying that they “improperly maintained and misused” the car.

Jeep chasing celebrity car loans

Under its brand ambassador programme, Jeep Australia allegedly loaned “hundreds” of cars to the celebrities like Shane Warne and Jesinta Campbell.

After a legal dispute with Clyde Campbell, former Fiat Chrysler Australia boss, the company started chasing down these loans but soon they realised that they don’t have a clue “where many of the cars loaned during Campbell’s tenure were now.”

Millions of dollars’ worth of cars destroyed by James Bond

Aston Martin DB10 has been appearing in Bond films for quite some time now, actually 12 films and thus become synonymous with 007.

This might be the reason why the company, despite of having their $US34 million worth of 10 DB10 cars destroyed by James bond in his movie Spectre this year – the 24th Bond film – are not mad at him.

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