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The Excellence of Mercedes E200 is Hard to Match

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Mercedes E200

The Grille at the Front has three Stripes with Typical Insignia of the Brand on the Hood

There are very few vehicles powered by a petrol engine and ensure excellent fuel economy, Mercedes E200 is one of them as it takes less than six litres to cover one hundred kilometers. Under the bonnet is four-cylinder 2.0-litre petrol engine unit with rear wheel drive configuration. You do not need to get engage with the gear lever as the transmissions are automatic and the total power it produces is 184hp with 300Nm torque. Used Mercedes E200 engines are available to the budget conscious buyers for their old cars.

Such buyers can find reconditioned Mercedes E200 engines for sale online. Apart from being economical, they are good enough to let you experience the high-level performance. Top speed is 240kmh and it reaches to 100kmh speed barrier in 7.7 seconds. Increase in length of wheelbase gives more legroom to the passengers on the rear seats and it is a very good addition to the comfort of the interior.

The new longer look of the car is quite a shift from the previous one and it is lower too. The grille at the front has three stripes with typical insignia of the brand on the hood. The chrome touch is also prominent on the lower butterfly shaped grille. At the rear, it has a tinge of C class and the exhaust pipe has got chrome tailpipe mouldings.

Middle of the dashboard and portion in front

The layout of the tech features has been beautifully built to appear as one seamless unit. The instrument cluster and infotainment system are arranged perfectly. Middle of the dashboard and portion in front of the driver’s seat has all the controls. Mercedes E-Class four air conditioning vents are below the infotainment screen on high gloss walnut brown surface.

The system which combines information and entertainment gets the attention as it allows you to select the color of ambient interior lighting as well as to customize the driving mode. With this, the liberty of selection how transmission, engine, and suspension behave can be enjoyed. Four different air zones are available and can be controlled through metallic switches right under the air vents.

Centre console has the controls of the infotainment system and it is usual for most of the cars of this brand. A selector wheel and a track-pad are available to navigate through the list of options. There are some considerations which could shift some of the controls to the metal switches on the dashboard for ease of use.

Boot space has not changed

The list of options is very long and all of them are good to bring in use. The upholstery quality is fine and when put in comparison with the close rivals it surpasses easily. The posture which these seats offer is commendable and adds to the comfort.

The executive saloon offers good head and leg room to the rear passengers and they can stretch a bit more on the long routes. Boot space has not changed and carries off the last model. The total capacity is of 540 litres and with rear seats 60/40 folding possibility even longer gears can be carried in the vehicle. That is why it does not need to be changed and kept as it is.

The overall refinement is good

With hard to match interior quality, comfort and cluster of modern tech feature the car still stands out due to its drive qualities. Nine-speed transmissions are to let the vehicle to remain in the right gear and do not make noise or produce vibrations. The overall refinement is good and it excels when you make it accelerate.

The 2.0-litre engine has light pressure turbo and produces formidable torque at low revs. In this way, the turbo lag remains unnoticeable. Acceleration is smooth and without any rough noises. Four different driving modes are present and select any of them to give you the opportunity to make the vehicle behave as you want it to. Comfort and Sport plus modes make you realize the difference the vehicle reacts.

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