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A Stylish Hyundai i20 dubbed the i20 Coupe will go on sale in the UK next year

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New Hyundai i20 Coupe has Sporty Flavour


Hyundai has unveiled its Fiesta-rivalling i20 hatchback and it is sleeker and stylish three-door coupe. It is aimed at younger, ‘lifestyle-oriented’ buyers. The next-generation i20 Coupe features a largely unique body despite sharing its platform with the standard i20.

EduardoRemairez,General Manager for Hyundai’s European Design Centre, said: “The front of the new i20 Coupe lowers the visual stance and emphasises its road-hugging character.” It’s clear Hyundai is targeting a different market with its new Coupe, to that of the conventional hatchback. The unique 17-inch alloy wheels and Tangerine Orange paint are aimed at an altogether more fashionable and sporty clientele.

The i20 Coupe boasts a best-in-class boot capacity of 336 litres, which is not only larger than cars such as the five-door Ford Focus, but 10 litres bigger than the standard i20 hatchback. Things in the back are likely to feel more cramped, but easy entry front seats with memory functionality should make it easy to clamber in, despite the lack of rear doors.

Standard equipment and specifications are expected to mirror the i20hatchback, while things like a heated steering wheel and lane departure warning system can be added as options. While the new i20 Coupe can be had with a range of 1.25 and 1.4-litre petrol engines, or 1.1 and 1.4-litre diesel units, the big news is introduction of a new turbocharged 1.0-litre, due later in 2015.

Tony Whitehorn, President & CEO, Hyundai Motor UK, said: “The 1.0-litre turbo is an interesting proposition. It ticks a lot of boxes – CO2, fuel economy, horsepower – all these elements are exactly what everyone wants. By downsizing CC, you can achieve all of this.”

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