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Small BMW 120i is Impressive 1 Series Vehicle

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Reconditioned BMW 120i engines

Direct injection four-cylinder unit is a decent powerhouse for this size of a hatchback

BMW 1 Series is the most affordable for buyers and it has great specs, matching high-end reputation of the brand. BMW 120i is a petrol unit model with a top speed of 143mph. For a small car, this is quite a serious speed limit and fuel economy remains around 37mpg for daily commuting on the busy road whereas highway fuel average is quite amazing.

The engine gives back above 60mpg average. Engine performance is gauged from its sprint time to reach 62mph speed mark, which is just above seven seconds. The car covers 567 miles once the tank is filled so frequent stopover is not required. Carbon emission figure is 131g/km which is not ideal for a small car petrol unit.

Maximum power of the unit is 1181bhp and revolutions per minute reach to 5000. Peak torque of 290Nm is reached at 1350rpm. Direct injection four-cylinder unit is a decent powerhouse for this size of the hatchback. The long front bonnet and small rear area for luggage are usual for hatchbacks and BMW 120i is quite similar.

Double kidney grille and nice-looking headlights keep the nose of the vehicle captivating. Fuel tank capacity is 52 litre which is enough for this size of the vehicle. Every cylinder of this four-cylinder unit gives 45bhp to accumulate 181bhp. BMW 120i engine for sale can be installed in small hatchbacks due to reasonable performance figures of the unit.

Manual gearbox comprises of six gears so driving of the car remains engaging. These kinds of vehicles are a priority for economical daily commuting and easy parking also enhances its utility.

Combined cycle fuel economy

In the market of used car engine reconditioned BMW engines are a popular choice for the company’s reputation. Range of engines has great variety in petrol and diesel fuel so you can get an engine of your requirement. No sharp edges can be identified due to smooth curves at the rear.

Buyers can select several paints for the exterior of the car and five-spoke wheels are quite decent for BMW 120i. Auto speed transmissions are 8 so if you go for these speed transmissions then focus on the windscreen is greater. Front and rear disc brakes stop the car well and a good grip of tyres enhances the efficiency of these brakes.

Rear-wheel drive configuration is typical for BMW cars and it distributes power ration in a more balanced way. Suspension for the front is Macpherson Strut and for rear multi-linked so ride experience is good. You can select from 3 doors and 5 doors models whereas seating capacity remains the same.

Rear luggage area volume is 360 litre which can be extended to 1200 litre after folding down second-row seats. After F20 and F21 series new F40 was launched which has different specifications. The most important shift for the car is from rear-wheel-drive configuration to front-wheel-drive configuration which improves sprint time and top speed limit.

Combined cycle fuel economy is above 51mpg and maximum output reduces from 181bhp to 176bhp. Carbon emission also reduces so the new car is greener than predecessors.

Aluminium Hexagon interior trim

Euro-6d emission standards are met by this new model of the car. BMW engines suppliers UK has options for you and your old car engine can be replaced by any of the units present in stock. Auto Steptronic speed transmissions are paired with the engine of the new car and brakes bot front and rear are now ventilated disc brakes.

Drivers are assisted with the anti-locking braking system and electric power steering. M Sport version of the car gives you bigger wheels than standard and Sport suspension. These specifications create the impression of a sport vehicle. Seats are covered with cloth covers so the interior is not very much BMW.

Aluminium Hexagon interior trim for BMW 120i gives you leather-covered steering wheel and instrument panel with red highlights. These inclusions enhance the interior impression. Keyless entry and start are possible and dual-zone air conditioning is also present.

Front lamps and wipers are auto and parking sensors or both front and rear also part of the specifications. Light package has a different kind of extra features like exit, reading and boot lights. Every extra feature costs the buyers so their selection is to be made sensibly.

Practically build family hatches

Among three main rivals of the 1 series cars, you come across great vehicles like Mercedes Benz A-class, Audi A3 and Volkswagen Golf. All these vehicles are progressive so to keep pace with increased standards BMW needs to be innovative and proactive. Practically build family hatches are more liked so the company has to shift from rear-wheel drive excitement to roomier cabin.

The company’s engineers have successfully maintained the engaging driving experience while making major configuration shift. It remains composed on turns even when moving at high speed so you the car stands out in segment it belongs to.

With a feel of sport vehicle, you certainly not feel much comfortable when potholes and bumps come to your way. Entry-level SE model of the car does not offer nice look due to lacklustre finishing so bit expensive model of the range is recommended for true BMW class.

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