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Sleeping Behind the Wheel is Now Possible

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Two of the car innovation giants, Mercedes-Benz and LG have teamed up to bring an impressively brilliant car which will take over controls when you fall asleep


Their slogans define what they are best known for, like ‘The Best or Nothing’ and ‘Life’s Good’. Both of these giants Mercedes-Benz and L.G have teamed up to present to the world yet another masterpiece, another futuristic car concept from Germans utilising the Advanced Driving Assistance System (ADAS) from LG.

This wonderfully thought-off car would set another milestone in the field of automotive security and safety as it is going to use biometric systems to monitor drivers’ vitals and eye movements.

It will determine the alertness and would make sure they don’t fall asleep while driving. In case, if it does happen, ADAS technology will automatically dim the headlamps and apply gentle breaks while staying in lane.

Yes! With the help of cameras and brilliant onboard systems, this car will spot any oncoming car and dim the headlamps and the sensors will help locating the lane markings which ultimately make it sure the car stays in the lane. If the car system spots any kind of potential dangers such as pedestrians and cyclists, it will automatically apply the brakes and the biometric systems, on the other hand, will track eye movements. It will try to get the driver up by using lights and sounds.

The most amazing feature of this astounding car is the “variable seating system” which will enable the driver and the passengers to rotate their lounge like chairs to face each other. The interior will also be what Mercedes calls a “digital living space”, the passengers and driver will be able to control the temperature, music and video playback by using the touch displays and gestures.

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