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Most In-Demand Car Engines in Dubai

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Most In-Demand Car Engines in Dubai

Here are the Most Searched Car Engines on Partfinder UAE


As the automotive industry in the UAE continues to thrive, the demand for high-quality car engines remains steadfast. From enthusiasts seeking an upgrade to individuals replacing a faulty engine, the quest for reliable and powerful engines is a top priority. In this article, we will delve into the realm of car engines and explore the most sought-after powerhouses in the UAE, based on data provided by Partfinder UAE here. Let’s embark on this journey to discover the engines that ignite the roads of the UAE.

Partfinder UAE Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Before we dive into the world of car engines, it’s essential to acknowledge the role of Partfinder UAE. As a prominent platform for spare part sellers and buyers, Partfinder UAE serves as a vital link between car enthusiasts, mechanics, and spare part providers. With an extensive database and a user-friendly interface, Partfinder UAE streamlines the process of finding and procuring car parts in Dubai, including engines. By offering a convenient and reliable platform, Partfinder UAE has revolutionized the spare parts industry in the UAE, making it easier for individuals to locate the engines they desire.

Toyota Setting the Standard for Reliability

With 1,026 engine inquiries, Toyota takes the lead in engine demand, accounting for 16.20% of all engine inquiries. Known for their durability and longevity, Toyota engines have become synonymous with reliability. Models like the Camry and Corolla stand out as favorites among UAE drivers, showcasing Toyota’s commitment to engineering excellence.

Nissan Blending Performance and Efficiency

Nissan secures its position as a strong contender in the engine market with 510 inquiries, representing 8.05% of total engine inquiries. Nissan engines strike a balance between performance and fuel efficiency, capturing the attention of both everyday drivers and performance enthusiasts. Models like the Patrol and Altima demonstrate Nissan’s commitment to delivering power-packed engines.

BMW Embracing Power and Precision

BMW engines garner significant attention in the UAE, with 487 inquiries accounting for 7.69% of all engine inquiries. Renowned for their dynamic performance and precise engineering, BMW engines embody the brand’s motto of sheer driving pleasure. Whether it’s the iconic 3 Series or the luxurious 7 Series, BMW engines offer a compelling blend of power, refinement, and driving dynamics.

Mercedes Elevating Luxury and Performance

Mercedes engines, with 372 inquiries representing 5.87% of total engine inquiries, captivate the UAE market with their blend of luxury and performance. Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to innovation and engineering excellence is evident in their engine lineup. From the C-Class to the S-Class, Mercedes engines deliver an exceptional driving experience that combines power, refinement, and cutting-edge technology.

Ford Unleashing American Muscle

Ford secures its place in the engine landscape with 328 inquiries, making up 5.18% of total engine inquiries. Ford engines are synonymous with American muscle and performance, catering to those seeking exhilarating driving experiences. Models like the Mustang and F-150 exemplify Ford’s dedication to delivering engines that offer power, torque, and adrenaline-inducing performance.


The UAE’s automotive landscape is fueled by the demand for exceptional car engines that deliver performance, reliability, and driving pleasure. Based on data from Partfinder UAE, Toyota emerges as the leader in engine inquiries, followed closely by Nissan, BMW, Mercedes, and Ford. These renowned brands have established their presence in the UAE, captivating drivers with their offerings of power, precision, and innovation. Whether it’s the allure of reliability, the thrill of performance, or the refinement of luxury, the demand for these top car engines continues to shape the automotive industry in the UAE.

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