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Mitsubishi Pajero Dated but Still Relevant

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Mitsubishi Pajero

You cannot identify any change in exterior and 3.2-litre engine with direct fuel injection is not new as well

For tough off-road duty, nothing is better than a diesel four-wheel drive. Mitsubishi Pajero is one of the very few in the segment one can say affordable and offering good value for money.

It is one of the oldest options of the segment and this year updates would reveal how much you can trust it in presence of modern rivals. There are no real distinguishing lines on the exterior of latest edition so you cannot identify variation in the appearance of old and present editions.

This is the case from the day of its introduction in 2006 to till date. Large window panes keep cabin bright and airy. The rear box-like part for cargo is spacious enough to carry bigger articles.

Outward look for a bigger vehicle has never been of vital importance to the company does not bother much about it. But other improvements have continuously been made so that it can compete with any modern day vehicle in this class.

Several years passed but still, the engine has been doing well

Price of Mitsubishi Pajero is lower than any close rival in this segment. It is in the fourth generation that was launched seven years back with 3.2-litre direct fuel injection engine that made it a very good choice.

Even after several years, the engine is very much relevant because of power and refinement it delivers. With 141kW output and handsome torque of 441Nm. The later figure may seem short of the mark but in real life, the car proves it worth even with the two-tonne trailer on the back. You can rely on the technology of fuel burner and go for all kinds of destinations from smooth roads to muddy or dusty tracks.

Hard plastic and smaller door pockets

Touchscreen multimedia system right in the middle of the dashboard also keeps changing in every edition. Sometimes just cosmetic changes and sometimes technology updates are made.

It is a vehicle with seven seats and rearmost two seats can be approached by tumbling forward the second-row seat. The last row seats are not ideal for traveling on a rough track. Second-row seats can be reclined for additional comfort of riders who already have been enjoying spacious head and knee area.

Door pockets are not designed to hold water bottles and you may turn to cup holders placed in the middle of front row. Use of hard plastic is also not good for a vehicle priced reasonably higher.

Rubber pads on the cabin floor

It is easy to drive and operate technology features of the car. You will find it offering the good view from driving seat. Parking has been made easy with parking sensors and reversing cameras.

Rubber mats on the floor of the cabin would surely reduce off-road roughness. Spare wheel on the tailgate is not always good, particularly for short measured persons. Digital speed meter and fuel gauge but not much digitalization over the years.

For connectivity to infotainment system Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are both presents. USB ports and Bluetooth are also there to enhance options for entertainment for riders.

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