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Mercedes Sprinter Has Made Practical Changes

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Only a couple of years ago the third generation of Sprinter vans have been introduced

Variants are available so professionals can find the most befitting for their job. It is a fact if you can afford then Mercedes Sprinter caters all different requirements of commercial van buyers. In the large van category, it is simply an obvious choice. Only a couple of years ago the third generation of Sprinter vans have been introduced so the new model is refreshed.

No radical change was expected and the latest version is continuity of the same version. Advanced connectivity tech has been borrowed from Mercedes cars so better fleet connectivity is experienced. This generation Sprinter is an improved form of the previous generation so MK3 can be identified as Sprinter.

Headlights become sleeker just like modern cars and expensive models of van offer LED lights. Among some changes, you can notice windscreen and wheel arches so buyers feel attracted towards new models of the van. Major changes have been introduced in mechanical of the vehicle.

Front wheel drive configuration is most noteworthy in Mercedes Sprinter. Three power variants of 2.1-litre unit and a 3.0-litre unit complete engines’ range for the van. It is the only van producer to offer a van model with a V6 power unit. This gutsy engine hauls nicely and you feel good while accelerating.

Plywood covering is also standard

Van has a low floor to make lifting of load easier. Sprinter variant of 3.5 tons payload capacity with front-wheel drive configuration can carry 50kg more than predecessor van. Manual gearbox having six gears is mated with all models of the van. Buyer can get Optional 9G-Tronic torque converter auto for improved efficiency and performance.

In earlier vans, 7G-Tronic auto transmissions could be paired with rear-wheel-drive models. Used Mercedes Sprinter engines for sale are an option for budget buyers to see the excellence of these units. An electric Mercedes Sprinter has been launched in the market. In this way go green with commercial has become possible. A large number of layouts is offered by Mercedes for Sprinter.

The flat plastic trimmed floor comes in panel vans. Over the floor, plywood covering is also standard for these vans. Wheel arches have been made strong as a flat floor of load bay so you can put heavy objects on arches as well. While putting cargo you do not need to be careful about any specific part of the load bay.

It is badly needed improvement and Mercedes engineers have made it for buyers. The electric power steering of the van saves fuel and reduces emission. Safety features of Mercedes cars are now included in this van range. The option of Distronic adaptive cruise control stops Sprinter van completely before coming into motion again.

Lane keeps assistance is also available and active system apply brakes when finding your van drifting. Mercedes has fleet management software and it is another striking feature. This fleet management software is installed throughout the range. Other optional eight fleet management packages from the company also remain available. These packages let you fully aware of minute details including running cost.

Base level model price is £26,500

MBUX infotainment system by Mercedes is offered in vans having best specifications. Sprinter is privileged to have this system. Sharp visual graphics and voice control surely advanced level of tech features. Variations of Sprinter vans easily suits buyers with different needs.

Ford Transit and Volkswagen Crafter are main rivals of Sprinter vans. Base level model price is £26,500 and top of the range model is almost of a double price. In between, you have numerous options. Shifting to front wheel drive configuration has increased fuel efficiency figure of the van.

Blue-Efficiency eco-friendly model has been abandoned. Drive configuration shift has ended need of this kind of model as a higher fuel average is achieved without it. Price of base level Sprinter has also dropped, though not significantly due to this advancement.

Considerable weight has been reduced as compared to predecessor so payload capacity increased. Driving has also been made easier so the number of advantages has come to the van with this one shift. Mercedes Benz engine rebuild and fitted for desired performance at cheap price.

Multi drop delivery van drivers like a new model

The electronic version of the van is using the same electric motor and setup, which electric Vito using. It is capable of running up to 90 miles after fully charged so your daily commuting needs easily fulfilled. Multi drop delivery van drivers like the new model of Sprinter for the number of reasons but shifting from old models is not easy.

Maximum load volume is 17 cubic meters for largest of Sprinter vans and payload reaches to 3175kg. Largest vans are not always ideal for your enhanced load carrying needs as gross weight of van increases with size. In this way, smaller vans carry more weight though volume is not big.

Drivers select their vans intelligently and for this, they focus on their needs than anything else. Adaptive cruise control has its own limitations so you need to be aware of them to avoid any untoward situation. Reaction to change in speed is not promptly responded so any change has to be made in advance.

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