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Mercedes E320, A High Class Pleasure Offering Vehicle by Most Reliable Manufacturer

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Reconditioned Mercedes E320 engines

Advanced Agility package comes with Sport model and you can bring it in use by pushing a button

Mercedes C-Class has borrowed some exterior features of S-Class vehicles and you can take new Mercedes E320 CDI as member of S-Class. Reconditioned Mercedes E320 engines are remarkable for their refinement and power delivery. These reliable power units keep running cars quite efficiently if you take care of maintenance and timely service.

This car maker has a strong basis and decades of success to produce luxury saloons and saloons. The nice compact look of E320 CDI attracts you immediately so you would like to drive it once. Safety specifications of the car ensure protection for passengers and driver.

Plenty of them are standard and others can be added on demand. Apart from curtain airbags, both occupants of front row seats get several airbags. These airbags keep the two on front seats well protected. Anti-lock braking system provides the grip, needed on difficult tracks. Central locking is also present with all power windows.

Dual zone climate control keeps both row passengers satisfied with control over temperature. Seating capacity for the rear row is three but no one would like to get sandwiched between the two. This is why four is the ideal number for travelling in true luxury.

The maximum torque of 400 Nm is reached at 1400 rpm and remains available at 2800 rpm. This diesel engine is quite economical when you look at over 19 km/l fuel average. This splendid fuel average figure is possible on highways and on busy roads, it will drop down significantly.

Tech features inside the cabin need to be simple

These rear wheels drive configured car is paired with seven speed transmissions. These transmissions work automatically so the driver’s focus remains on the windscreen. Remanufactured Mercedes E320 engines are installed in used cars when their engines start creating problems.

Carbon emission of E320 is just 133 g/km. Interior layout and space is decent so you sit in relaxed stature. BMW 3 series is a direct rival to Mercedes E-Class and both aspire each other. The car kept on receiving the update to remain a competitor of the top spot. Mercedes E-Class offers a wide range of engines, capable of 136 bhp to 507 bhp.

BMW E320 has a four-cylinder turbo diesel engine to produce 170 bhp. From start to reach the top speed, you will find it smooth in acceleration. It takes 8.5 seconds to reach 62 mph speed. Fuel average on combine cycle is impressive as it returns over 46 mpg. For this reason, people prefer such cars over high running cost alternatives.

Road tax is an issue for diesel engine cars because their carbon emission remains higher. Cruising on the motorway with decently powered E320 is nice and the car has the power to overtake. Tech features inside the cabin need to be simple so that people can use them without entangling.

Optional satellite navigation makes your destination finding easier. You get a display of navigation system on coloured screen and you control the screen through a system borrowed from S-Class cars. A rotary dial is placed on the centre console to navigate your destination. The cabin is spacious and front row occupants get generous legroom. Headroom is also nice but optional double sunroof could cause contraction.

Moving this car on sharp turns

Mercedes E-Class has plenty of options and used Mercedes E320 engines for sale can hold you to not to go for other compact saloons. Rear seats of the car are roomier than the previous model so three adults can travel on the second row. It reveals on comparison with competitors of the car that E320 is still less roomy.

Parking brake still operated by foot and annoys some buyers. Use of hard plastic for E320 is disappointing and gives you bad feel about quality and finishing. Adaptive dampers are standard so ride quality is nice and comfortable. They soak surface unevenness and enhance ride quality.

Advanced Agility package comes with Sport model and you can bring it in use by pushing a button. This package sharpens steering response, the throttle becomes more sensitive and you get sports car feel. The lowered suspension is also an option to enhance this feel.

Moving this car on sharp turns and winding roads is good due to stability, grip and handling. The steering wheel is very light weighted so some buyers may not feel comfortable with it. Auto speed transmissions are not offered with E320 engine so even if you desire for cannot get.

Optional and standard features

Auto climate control is part of the standard kit of the car and it helps you to enjoy the temperature you want inside the cabin. For better cabin feel artificial leather upholstery is present, which is a good imitation of real leather. Bluetooth and iPod connectivity are offered to increase entertainment options.

The E-Class boot area is big with a capacity of 475 litres. With split folding rear seats, you can easily increase space for luggage and gears. Carbon emission is of Euro 5 standard and per kilometre, the emission is 128 g. Top speed of 136 kph gives you the confidence to think of overtaking while cruising on the motorway. Fuel tank capacity is 59 litres so a filled tank lets you cove thousands of miles. With some niggles this car has decent overall ranking and from a driving point of view, you cannot ignore strong performance.

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