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Mercedes-Benz Joins BMW for Inline-Sixes

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UK Mercedes Benz & BMW

Mercedes-Benz unleashed its future plans of inline-six engine and mild hybrid system

Mercedes-Benz plans to develop its upcoming models with the new generation of engines. The new engine family includes four and six cylinder engines. It has been found that Mercedes wants to build its new E-class models with the four and six cylinder engines from new engine family.

Initially Mercedes will build its entry level E-class diesel version with the four-cylinder engine from a new family and will have 180bhp. Further models of E-class will also include four-cylinder petrol engine as well as in-line six cylinder diesel engines of entirely new generations of engines.

Inline-Six Engine Layout

According to the details, the Inline-six engine design was being used in the complete range of vehicles of Mercedes-Benz but it was replaced by a new generation of V-6 engines. The V6 was first launched in the late 1990’s. It is evident that the inline-six layout was used by Mercedes-Benz Engines for decades.

However, Mercedes-Benz will prelaunch inline-six engines for its upcoming models. Mercedes-Benz will re-build its partnership with BMW for a particular Inline-six setup. It is important to mention that BMW is the only automaker at the moment who is developing gasoline-fueled inline-sixes.

Mild Hybrid System

Apart from the re-launch of inline-sixes, Mercedes-Benz will also develop “mild hybrid systems”. The system involves starter-generator that are integrated into transmission system. The mild hybrid system enables smooth and swift engine stop-start capabilities, it also ensures accelerative boost.

The mild hybrid system will replace high-voltage conventional hybrids and it is important to mention that the conventional hybrid system is far more expensive than the mild hybrid system. The new system has considerable advantages over the convention hybrid system. It has been found that the 48-volt mild hybrid system will be incorporated in the upcoming E-class models.

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