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Iveco Daily Drives with Cleaner Engines now

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Iveco Daily Van

With drivers comfort in focus mechanical changes pursued

You are familiar with the names Mercedes Sprinter and Ford Transit in the van category. But there is another name even more capable when talking about load carrying capacity. Iveco Daily is vans build up like a van and the way a van should be.

This transporter also comes in many configurations as any other van does and it changes the load carrying capacity and nature also. Another thing which might make a negative impression on many but a business person who wants a typical van which could do the work perfectly without any complications this is your answer.

There is no van in the market that can be perfect but still, this one gets praise for its build quality and toughness which goes in pros. There are more sophistication and car-like kit installed in the rivals but the thing is that a van should be able to carry loads not entertain.

Iveco Daily is more close to trucks than the rivals in this category. Iveco Daily engines are now according to the Euro6 standard and more powerful. Iveco Daily engines replacement is also not a problem in the vast market now a day. Iveco Daily engines for sale have made things in access and light on pocket also. So the convenience part is also there if you purchase one.

Heavy and light duty engines are available

There is not only one engine to power up the heavy duty and light duty versions. There are two basic engines available with different power outputs. One is a 2.3-litre engine capacity available for the market in three options 116 hp, 136 hp and 156 hp.

The other one is a 3.0-litre engine having outputs of 160 hp, 180 hp or 210 hp. In 136 hp form, the engine can be modified to run in the Daily Natural Power model with CNG as power supplier having a 350 Nm of torque.

With the improvement in engine powers and standard, there is a claim by the production that the fuel economy and emission figures have improved up to 10 per cent than before. This is a promising figure in the growing environment pollution earth.

There is an eight-speed automatic and a six-speed manual gearbox for choice in the van. You are not going to get disappointed with the gear shift in any way but the automatic transmission works really well here.

The steering has been changed to an electric power steering which has changed the way of directing the vehicle. It has become a lot easier now than before.

The speciality of this van

As mentioned there has been fuel economy attached to this van. But there are some other aspects which have to be appreciated. One thing noteworthy that Iveco has attempted to fix things which the customers reported.

Other aspects are as it is that was in the previous versions. There is an improved driver’s comfort and technology. Comfort in the cab, driver assistance and safety features are main areas where improvements are obvious.

There is up to date connectivity of Iveco’s Daily Business UP system. With this system, you can get in-depth information, remote diagnosis and even fixes for issues that can be attended with suggestions. Iveco’s advanced emergency braking, City Brake PRO and adaptive cruise control with queue assistant.

There is a new addition electric parking brake and there are more advanced features attached to the new 2019 Iveco Daily when you experience one. And due to these new ones driving over loses surfaces has become easy and controlled.

What else has changed?

You get to have an improved interior and a good reliability feature also. Interior has been given a bolder look with black plastic all over on the dashboard. The steering wheel has improved with a stylish look and a proper space making the driver relaxed while driving.

Finding a good driving position is not a problem anymore for the one behind the wheel. As the company claims there is going to be less hassle while owning and running this vehicle.

The reliability side is good for this company not from this year but also before it. The customer service presence every time it is needed to give a boost to the reliability side also.

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