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Hennessey Delivers Upgrade Package to the New Camaro SS

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Camaro SS

Thanks to this upgrade package, the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS now blows the 200mph barrier like a piece of cake

What is it?

It’s another wonder done by Texan turner, Hennessey. This time, they chose the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS and fitted in their upgrade package.

The result was, as expected, mind-blowing as well as record breaking, the power output increased to 751bhp and the new Camaro SS blew away the 200mph barrier like a piece of cake. If the car was powered by a diesel engine, it would not have been possible to make that new record.

Who was driving the Car and What Kind of Power does it have?

Hennessey called upon professional race driver Brian Smith to run the test at the Continental Tire Proving Grounds in Texas. The factory fitted engine produces 455bhp so the company was required to upgrade it to HPE600 naturally-aspirated engine which includes camshaft, CNC ported cylinder heads, valve-train upgrades, catalytic converters, new headers and a high-flow intake manifold among other parts.

The net result after this upgrade was 605bhp so in order to get the power up to 751bhp, a nitrous-oxide kit of 146bhp was added by Hennessey.

What the Company has to say about this?

John Hennessey, the owner of Hennessey Tuners said “last year we built and tested one of our specially-prepared Ford mustangs to over 200 mph. so it just seemed natural to take the latest Chevrolet Gen 6 Camaro SS and try to push the boundaries of performance.

In this case, we felt like breaking 200 mph would be a great way to validate our 2016 Camaro SS performance upgrade program.”

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