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Ford Transit Connect, a Van with Powerful and Good Engine Range

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Ford Transit Connect diesel engine

Comfortable interior and availability of different sizes makes Ford Transit Connect most admirable van

When starting to transit connect, the company’s main focus is on utility and economy. The vehicle has three rows with two wheels and seven seats. It has a huge cargo room and can store over 100 cubic feet.

Properly fitted, it can carry up to 1610 pounds. Also available in Ford Transit Connect tow technology and can pull up to 2000 pounds. Engine Specification 169-hp 2.5-litre engine; It has the option of a 178-hp 1.6-litre turbo engine. The van is available with front-wheel drive and Ford Transit six-speed manual transmission and automatic technology.

Engine and performance

The Ford Transit Connect is equipped with advanced engines and has three cylinders. The Ford Eco Boost petrol engine delivers the maximum power you would expect from a traditional 1.6-litre petrol engine. Plus what else you can get is more appreciable.

During the drive, it produces a 24% better fuel system and reduces CO2 emissions by 25% at just 129g / km. This engine received the Best Engine of the Year. This engine falls into the sub-1.0-litre category due to five consecutive years.

If you choose a Ford Transit Connect diesel engine, you have three advanced options from the 1.5-litre TDCI diesel engine (75 PS, 100 PS and 120 PS). The diesel engine has both automatic shift and manual options. This engine consumes a minimum of fuel with the emission of CO2 of 72.4mpg, which is 3.9L / 92 mi.

Pleasure while driving

It is equipped with many modern financial facilities. The most popular is called Idle Fuel and Auto Start-Stop. This option automatically shuts down your engine when there is a traffic jam or when you are queuing. Other essentials include supplies, headlights, air conditioning, sound systems and Ford Sync systems.

When the engine needs to be started, press the accelerator lightly and the engine will start automatically. This vehicle is equipped with an automatic adjustment accelerator. It automatically detects the load on the vehicle and adjusts the accelerator accordingly. It also limits the extra fuel consumption. They all enjoy driving financially.

Price factor

As far as we know it has all the economic features that prevent fuel consumption and engine power remains the same. Because of this, the life of the engine is significantly increased.

Because all the features are economical, people think the price of the van is a bit expensive, but specs and features make this van worth spending money for. Ford Transit Connect is actually one of the most practical and reliable van and can use for both commercial and personal use. So the factor of high price is not an issue at all.


Considering all the facts mentioned above, it is advisable to have a vehicle with advanced petrol and diesel engines. The technology used in engines for combustion is truly amazing because they consume less fuel, produce maximum power and release less CO2, but are very economical in vehicle cost.

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