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Finally! Lexus Given the Green Signal for Hydrogen Cars

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Lexus LF FC Hydrogen

After an expected success of Toyota’s hydrogen fuel vehicles, Lexus has given a go to HFC vehicles

It is expected that hydrogen vehicles will work well in the future and these vehicles might hold a major segment of the car industry. People might face problems in deciding upon the type of vehicles.

Lexus Says

The senior most executive of the Japanese luxury car maker Lexus, Mark Templin said that people will definitely buy hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in future. The all new Lexus LF-FC will be a class leading option for customers.

Lexus LF-FC is propelled by a trio of hydrogen powered electric motors. Templin further added that the technology hidden under the new Lexus car is just awesome. He said, “I can’t tell you when it will happen, but it’s not a matter of if, it’s when”.

The Ideology behind the Car

Toyota and Lexus think that it is better to develop cars based on the most abundant element on the earth, hydrogen. They are trying to stick it in a tank to be used as fuel. The hydrogen will be used to generate electricity and then the electricity will drive the vehicles.

Hydrogen electricity will be cheaper than the electricity coming from the powerhouses. The tailpipe will leave the water vapours in the atmosphere. See! How eco-friendly the hydrogen powered vehicle is?

Will it be an affordable option?

The parent company of Lexus, Toyota is already claiming that they have produced world’s first ever mass production hydrogen car. The Mirai FCV, costs around $80,000 in the Japanese market and around £45,000 in the UK.

People might face shortage of hydrogen fuelling stations at the first phase, but with the passage of time, there will be plenty of fuel stations in the world to refuel hydrogen cars. Currently, Germany, Australia, Japan and USA have some hydrogen fuel stations.

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