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Do You Fancy the Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8-litre?

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Toyota Corolla Altis

Toyota Corolla Altis can Push you into Thinking of a Test Drive or Even to Buy One

Toyota is famous for its durable cars and the Corolla is one of those long survived models which are still enjoying the top sales in Toyota’s targeted markets. It is a European version Corolla that has now been dominating the Asian markets as well.

What is it?

Toyota Corolla Altis wears the same mechanics costume that its sisters are using in the U.S. and Asian markets. It comes with a most modern design that appeals the younger buyers. It has a longer wheelbase to emphasize its sporty appearance. The interior is more spacious and got a revised driving position for energetic driving.

New Toyota Corolla Altis comes with long lumber support and redesigned seats. The interior is quieter with up-rated insulation materials used. The dash has an entirely new design with several new technologies.

Toyota Corolla Altis Engines

Toyota Corolla Altis comes with a bunch of petrol and diesel engines where 1.8-litre engine is the pick of the bunch. It is capable of cranking 138bhp of power and this power starts flowing from 6400 rpm. The pushing power of this 1798cc engine is also very good and it pushes the Corolla Altis on the road with 128lb-ft of torque where full torque available from only 4000 rpm.

Fuel Efficient Saloon

Multi point fuel injection system makes the Altis a fuel economical and efficient car on the road where Toyota claims that the Altis can travel more than 35 miles per gallon on the motorway speeds and just under 30 miles per gallons when it passes through the city traffic.

New Technologies

There are several new technologies offered on the Corolla Altis. There are smart entry system, start/stop technology for extra fuel economy, and dual zone air conditioning system.

The simple intelligent park assist has been offered to help the drivers to park the vehicle under the camera assistance. Toyota Touch 2 system has also been offered with Go navigation to further make the driving experience elegant.

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