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Citroen Relay, The Most Competent and Reliable Van Ever

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Citroen Relay engines

With a good range of features, this van has a good relation with driver

To describe this van much effort is not needed. From outside to inside you are going to have a range of practical features that makes your life with it easier. There is a whole lot of technology present to aid the driver as well as keep the loading area secured.

Sister projects with Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato but not exactly the same. The engine side is totally different but as the other two engine efficiency and performance is there. Citroen Relay engines are according to the Euro present standards.

So in any way owning this vehicle is not going to put you in any harmful situation. The exterior is built as a utilitarian van should be. There are big headlights, which mean road illumination is not going to be an issue. Whether the van is going to be in an urban area or town this is going to be of an advantage.

Then that big bumper at the front is not just guarding the grille it is going to take care of the sudden collisions and not let the body get the major bang. The interior is not lavish or car-like but there are driver-friendly tools and it is going to make the one driving happy.

The economy is the highlight of engines

In 2016 the engines were downsized and the present ones have the 2.0-litre capacity with three outcomes. This is a diesel engine with 110hp, 130hp and 160hp which is the range-topper. These engines have the ability to pull any load and on any surface.

The 130hp is fitted with start/stop technology which makes it more economical than the rest of the two. The range-topper is available for the bigger body styles in Citroen that needs more power to haul. The engines are made reliable.

These are constructed so that even if the engine is there with the vehicle forever still it has the power to drive when the van is fully loaded. Not even the engine but other body parts have the same technique to save money and not make the user pay again and again for repairs.

These engines are strong and can deliver the tires with proper capacity to not become breathless even when the difficult situation is at hand. Reconditioned Citroen Relay engines are a plus if after all engine change is needed.

Handling is a pleasure

Driving a van is a boring affair. In the previous times driving a van only meant work. But these days drivers need more. And Citroen Relay gives what they need. Its cosy interior enhances the handling side also. The outer visibility is great giving a good road clearance and far reach sight.

The steering is light-giving liberty to the driver to turn to any angle. The gear liver position on the dashboard is within easy reach of the driver and there is no element of fatigue there. One thing which the owner has to decide is the amount of load the vehicle is going to carry.

Once the engine output is chosen wisely the transport is going to give its best to the driver. Citroen Relay supply and fitting is another convenience factor which makes the time period with this van worry-free.

There is the optional suspended driver’s seat which gives a smooth ride when on a bumpy road. Either with or without load there is not going to be a huge difference. The ride remains composed most of the time.

A simple cabin layout

The interior of the van remains as simple as before. But you can make it somewhat modern by installing the small touch screen. The base trim does not have much but spending a little more money will not waste it.

The Enterprise trim has air conditioning, cruise control accompanying a speed limiter, touch screen audio pack and there are also steering wheel controls. Rear parking sensors are also present to aid the reversing action easy.

The yellow line frame is made keeping the rear doors in consideration. So there will be no problem of not getting the doors open when parked in a tight spot. There are 13 different cabin storage spaces which are amazing. Included is a locked compartment to keep the valuables safe.

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