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Citroen C5 Focus on Comfort and Refinement

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Used Citroen C5 Engines for Sale

This SUV of Citroen comes with five seats and without four wheels drive configuration

Citroen C5 has evolved over the time and now more refined and performance based C5 is available to buyers of Citroen SUV. Supple ride of the French brand is well known and Citroen C5 also falls in the comfort class of SUVs. The engine range includes diesel, petrol and plug in hybrid so you have all the variety when it comes to power machines.

The large SUV class has many competitors to be the best choice. Recently large SUVs with luxury features have been introduced by BMW, Audi and some others so their usual job of off road travelling now has another compulsory character of luxury. This SUV of Citroen comes with five seats and without four wheels drive configuration so it is less than the usual SUV.

Focus remains on comfort so you get it at its best. The competitive price of the vehicle also makes it attractive. Being a cheap option, you cannot forget to look at other important features. Knowing about seating capacity and comfort level not enough to satisfy a prospect buyer.

Four different trims with a variety of features also present to enhance the driving experience and ride comfort. Available only in five doors body design and warranty runs till three years without any limit of miles you cover in this period.

The base level model either petrol or diesel does not offer aspired muscle so you have to move to more powerful options in the line-up and to enjoy driving this size of car you need to have more power under the hood. Citroen C5 replacement engines enhance the life of this vehicle and save your money as well.

On smooth tracks and motorways Citroen C5

Citroen brags about the comfort of C5 and we need to test this claim of the SUV maker. When you ride this vehicle, you will find it nice and comfortable. You will keep riding for hours and during this you never find it deviating from its comfy character.

On smooth tracks and motorways, Citroen C5 always remain highly refined. Unlike sporty alternatives of the SUV, it has no annoying phase on the ride. On bumpy roads, it is gently unsettling but no harsh feel evident. If you are after the combination of comfort and sporty nature then there are some other options available.

Second hand engine supplier offers used Citroen C5 engines for sale at a significantly low price though sometimes you get a warranty too. In appearance, C5 is a premium vehicle with rear bumper integrated exhaust pipes and stylish front and rear lights. Alloy wheels also add style to the exterior.

The plug-in hybrid model comes with additional weight of batteries but ride quality does not suffer so the C5 hybrid can be rated high among rivals. Good value of your money always please you and the promise of comfort has been fulfilled by Citroen at all levels.

It has a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol unit

Among petrol engine, 1.2-litre Puretech has been preferred for its adequate pulling muscle. It reaches 62 mph speed from zero, a little above ten seconds. This figure is competitive in comparison to rivals. This vehicle pulls efficiently at low revolutions so you find it quite good on ascending track.

When you need to tow something heavy in routine then 1.5-litre BlueHDi diesel unit is a better choice. You can have Citroen C5 remanufactured engines whenever your car needs a replacement engine. For a quick overtake 2.0-litre BlueHDi 180 diesel unit is recommended, which returns good economy and reaches 62 mph speed in 8.6 seconds.

Plug in hybrid is the top option of the line-up. It has a turbocharged 1.6-litre petrol unit and an electric motor to give 222 bhp in total. Auto speed transmissions keep front wheels in motion without any abruption so you would like this high-powered hybrid model of C5. The electric motor gives you a good amount of power to avoid using fuel on city roads. The total electric range is 31 miles so you can avoid using petrol after full charging for daily commuting.

When you press the acceleration pedal harder than the turbocharged petrol engine starts working to give you the required power. When both motors work at the same time then it is the most powerful Citroen C5 model and you reach the 62-mph speed mark faster than all other engine models.

The body leans more but the grip on the road remains firm

With soft suspensions, handling usually not at best, particularly when you take it to the twisty tracks but this SUV proves otherwise unless you drive it at high speed while taking sharp turns. The body leans more but the grip on the road remains firm.

For daily travelling on busy town roads, it is perfect so the vehicle purposefully builds by Citroen to cater for asphalt travelling. Steering is nice but if you want better handling and drive entertainment then choose one of the top rivals of C5. Engine refinement is reasonable and you feel the base level engine giving noise when the pedal gets a hard push. Competitors of this SUV are worse than it so comfort and refinement are two big advantages of the new C5 over them. Diesel engine proves itself one of the most refined so cabin remains devoid of engine noise or vibrations. Cruising on a motorway makes it plush.

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