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Chevrolet Shows its Next-Gen. Cruze at Beijing Auto Show 2014

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Shanghai GM has gone a step further with all new Chevy Cruze


At the New York Auto Show 2014, Chevrolet introduced some refresh and stylish Cruze which was pretty impressive, but when it comes to China, Shanghai GM has taken the Cruze to a whole new level in terms of styling and engine economy and showed it to the world at the Beijing Auto Show 2014.


The prime difference between North American and Chinese Cruze is that the later one is pretty much inspired by the Chevrolet Tru 140S concept and has sleeker front styling. The two-tier grille is housing the new more pointed and dip down headlamps in a good manner. The roofline on the other hand gives the likes of coupe but overall, this saloon definitely has sleek lines.



There are two choices offered in powertrains for Cruze, a 1.5 litre four cylinder or a 1.4 litre direct injected turbocharged engine with four speed gearbox whereas the Chinese buyers will be enjoying a six-speed manual, six-speed automated manual or a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox. Thanks to the use of latest technology, the improvement in fuel economy is claimed to rise 14 to 21 percent.
Some Chevrolet official said: “North American customers will eventually get a new model based on this architecture, but it won’t look exactly like what you see here – in fact, it will almost certainly ride on a longer wheelbase, among other changes.”


The question rises why introduce the model in Beijing? And the answer is fairly simple, for years, Cruze has been the one hot seller that has been enjoying nearly 50 percent of market share and has sold over a million vehicles. So China is going to be the first to enjoy the next generation model of Chevrolet Cruze.

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