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Challenges Facing The Next Generation Toyota Prius

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Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid

Toyota Might Not Improve On The Prius’s Range As It Focuses Hard On New Wireless Technology


Toyota Prius changed our image about Hybrids, majority was due to a lot of Hollywood stars buying it. Over the years the Japanese firm has innovated a lot to improve technology and range.

The Plug-in Hybrid was a way forward or at least that’s what we thought but it wasn’t enough however things are about to change as the 2016 Toyota Prius could introduce Wireless charging to the plug-in.

WiTricity has been developing the technology for years and it looks as though Toyota has some interest in implementing the technology. The Japanese car manufacturer has already said that a future model will make use of the technology, and the 2016 Prius Plug-in Hybrid would be the most obvious choice.


The worrying thing is that Toyota is focusing so hard on wireless technology that it may not increase the range of the Prius. The new Toyota has made the 2016 Prius lighter but it needs to make sure the batteries last longer, but what sort of range is expected from the plug-in?

Other improvements that need to be made are better top speed in EV mode and changes to its price. The price reduction is important if it wants to stay in a tougher market.



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