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BMW 318d Engine Review

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BMW 3 Series

BMW 318d’s engine is fantabulous when it comes to driving experience

The BMW 318d has appeared, and its timing couldn’t be more important for the Bavarian car maker. The BMW 3 Series is being throttled by its competitor, the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, in Australian magnificent car sales, regardless of the launch of an all-new three earlier this year.


Though the 318d uses basically the same engine as the 320d, the difference in tune (and a small number of components) outcomes in 105KW of power (contrasted with 135kW) and 320Nm of torque (compared along with 380Nm). On the city roads, the dissimilarity is really hard to notice, but when it comes to inclusion on the highway or doing an overtaking man oeuvre, it’s simple to feel the difference. Put the two side by side and the grand 318d will take an extra 1.7 seconds to go from 0-62m/h (9.3 seconds).

Behind the wheel the active, 318d embodies the spirit of what the new BMW 3 Series range proposes: a lively and sporty drive. Tied to an eight-speed automatic (standard), the muscular 318d 2.0-Litre diesel turbo engine works reasonably in delivering all its torque and power and barely feels over-labored in the task. There’s that experience that more torque would be greeted (which is where the 320d comes in), but on the whole it’s more than competent of performing everyday tasks.


Along with the option of three driving modes (Eco pro, Comfort, Sport), the 318d can modify its characteristics just with a press of a button. For example, choose Sport mode and at once you’ll be rewarded with a more alert engine, quicker steering and accelerator pedal response, and adjustment in gearbox shift dynamics. None of this is new to BMW, but to grab it as standard kit on the base model, 3-Series isn’t something that should unavoidably be taken for granted. At the end it doesn’t make the 318d any quicker, but once you’re out of inhabited traffic and keen on a spirited drive, it works for a more enjoyable experience.

This is the point where BMW has had the edge over all its German and Japanese opponents for some time. Even its entrance model cars tend to turn and corner better than their rivals. There is surely something intrinsically more enjoyable about being in control of a BMW 3-Series if you be grateful for the act of driving as more than merely getting from A to B. Those who are overly passionate with style may be polarized by the three’s front-end design but it definitely has road presence.


On the side of equipment, the entry model 318d includes 16-inch alloy wheels, keyless push button start, an automatic opening boot lid, back parking assistance (front optional) and a smart 6.5-inch color screen iDrive infotainment system that is captivated up to six speakers (4x25W). Bluetooth telephone connectivity is standard whereas Bluetooth audio streaming is a choice, which is rather inadequate given cars far cheaper present the system as part of the standard Bluetooth kit.

Safety features involve driver and front passenger airbags, side airbags for driver and front passenger, head airbags in the front and back, as well as dynamic stability control and the assurance of BMW’s excellent build quality in the happening of an accident.

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