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BMW 1-Series 116i – the Range Starter of BMW Petrol Engines

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BMW 1 Series Saloon

BMW 116i engines are the most efficient turbocharged engines

In BMW 1 series saloon is known as the range extender on the German prime automaker to include a model in its small vehicle division and it was a modified model to meet the needs of Chinese customers. The BMW 1 series engines with its characteristics sporty style and market value is high, emotional new entry to the compact premium vehicles segment is high potential on China. The new model is offered exclusively for the Chinese auto motives market by the BMW Group and BMW Brilliance Automotive LTD.

The latest model Launch at Shanghai, DR Ian Robertson, BMW AG management Board Member and marketing  BMW commented We sold over half million cars in China last year and this, our biggest market, continuous to offer great potential. Our customers in China have been asking for a smaller model to meet their specific needs and worked hard with our colleagues here to make sure this car not only meets but exceeds those desires.

The BMW 1 series saloon was developed by BMW headquarter in Munich with the support of Chinese engineers. The modern target groups have been under special focus in the case of new 116i and the equipment has been specially designed and fitted to the actual needs of the system and environment conditions in the Chinese markets.

During development for volume production and model of BMW intense testing and harmonization, both globally in the range of climatic and road condition to be found in China to ensure of everyday suitability and driving enjoyment is tilting toward the real environment in which it will be used.

116i engines:

The range of BMW 116i whose turbocharged the cylinder unit produces 80kw /109 hp  (fuel consumption combined: 5.4 – 5.0 l/100 km [52.3 – 56.5 miles per gallon imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 126 – 116 g/km) the BMW  M140i M  performance modal, which stirs 250 kW/340 hp from its six-cylinder in-line engine (fuel consumption combined: 7.8 – 7.1 l/100 km [36.2 – 39.8 miles per gallon imp]; CO2 emissions combined: 179 – 163 g/km).

The diesel models drew their power from cutting edge engine technology. In addition to a basic concept that is innately more efficient, all three and four-cylinder units new turbocharged technology. And the common rail direct injection system.

At the lower end of the power spectrum is the BMW 116 d, delivering 85 kw/116hp and maximum torque of 270 Nm (119 lb-ft). It burns 4.1-3, 6 litres of fuel 100 km    (68.9 – 78.5 miles per gallon imp) CO2 emission of 107-96g /km. In extra efficient BMW 116 d efficient Dynamics edition, fuel consumption is economical, 3.8-3.41 /100 km (74.3-83.1 mpg) CO2 emission of 101 -89 G /km.

The most powerful four-cylinder diesel engine in the arrangement can be found in the new BMW 125d. The multi-stage turbocharged technology, variable turbine geometry for high pressure turbocharged is quick response, the output of 165 kW /224hp and peak torque of 450 Nm (332 lb-ft). Combined fuel consumption comes in at 4.6 – 4.3 l/100 km [61.4 – 65.7 miles per gallon imp] and combined CO2 emissions are 120 – 114 g/km.

Driver assistance systems: extra help for the driver

The assistance system of the BMW 1 series includes Active Cruise control with stop/Go function, which the vehicle to move along with the flow of traffic automatically up to near its maximum speed. The system alerts the driver and applies the brakes it detects the complication.

The driver assistance is also available an option and compromises the Lane Departure Warning system and city collision Mitigation, which applies the brakes automatically at speed up to 60 km/h(37mph) with a car, motorcycle or pedestrian the parking assistant the car into parking spots that are parallel or perpendicular to the road.

It’s ultrasonic sensor help to search for suitable spaces while travelling at 35km/h (22mph). The Driving Assistant is also available as an option and comprises the Lane Assistance.

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